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  1. Respiratory Charity?

    Try the Hospital Equipment Loan Program (HELP) 13th Masonic District . Not sure if they are collecting right now with Covid 19???? 781 322 1052. Cummings Park Washington St. Woburn They are a few mile from Four Seasons........Win/Win
  2. NES historians: recommended reading on the Revolutionary War?

    My Father was a big fan of books on Poland, that was one of his favorites. He often quoted parts of the book when I visited him. I should try to find a bottle of Schenley whiskey (my grandfather's favorite adult beverage) and read that one. Nostrovia! (na zdrowie) Pork was a staple in growing...
  3. NES historians: recommended reading on the Revolutionary War?

    This thread caught my eye. During the Covid-19 shut down the Mrs has gotten back into ancestry dot com to research my family history. Finding about my family roots got some great highlights from my mothers side. Some of the highlights of my forebears include: Died in a Union prison camp in...
  4. WTB Found it - Delete

    Buying new
  5. Vp9 experiences

    VP9SK with extended mag is a better choice than VP9 for CC. I have big hand it worked. Went to the Sig P365 with extended 10 round mags as my current EDC. The Sig shoots better than the VP9SK for me.
  6. need a gun store near hampton, nh

    Plus 1 for Brian.
  7. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Put in for a small order (4 Boxes) enter the wait queue. M1 Carbine available bought it ready for shipment the next day. Day after the earlier order was ready to ship. No Rhyme or reason, unless a single bulk order get first priority. 2nd Bulk order during Covid and the shipped the next day...
  8. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    I am at the stop point currently. Been trying to find a welder for the tube for a while. Any suggestions from the NES crew are most welcome.
  9. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    My place for parts was Indianapolis Ordnance. They have lots good upgrades which made sense.
  10. Corroded ammo?

    Is that what Stowe COP did and got busted the other day???
  11. Feels like Groundhog Day

    On this day 28 April, the Governor of Massachusetts stepped out of the State House in Boston. He did not see his shadow, so he ordered two more weeks of sheltering for the commonwealth. #covid19
  12. Elizabeth Warren brother, veteran, died from viru

    A side point about Warren's siblings. I think they refused to come out an publicly back her on the campaign trail. Doubt that Liz will find much love on this forum (none from me), but I feel sorry about each of the Covid 19 deaths. Even if he is Liz's family. If Liz uses her brother's death...
  13. Anyone have primers explode on XL650?

    I have crushed many primers due to feeding issues, using hand primers. Typically due to miss feed in the hand tool. Luckily never had a detonation. Time to put on the brown pants.....Dead Pool
  14. Odd classified responses

    I saw a low priced free state item listed by a new member (green). Went after it but was nervous so planned the swap at the local PD near him. Ok'd it with COP. Turned out he was a detective at the city. It was all good. Great guy to boot.
  15. Go get a box of grid squares and some high-speed missile wax

    My worst hazing was in Canadian airborne school (CFB Petawawa) Aug 1981 while earning my Airborne wings up there. I had finished my qualification jumps (and couldn't drink anymore), so I opted to go with the remaining jumpers who were finishing up. I put on a monkey harness which almost like...
  16. Go get a box of grid squares and some high-speed missile wax

    When I was getting my wings (Benning Home for Boys Cira Oct 1979) the general was coming down the line....mostly pinning them to OG107 Pickle suits. Every once in a while he would lean back palm hit the wings into the chest (blood wings). He stands in front of the young C cup soldier next me...
  17. Go get a box of grid squares and some high-speed missile wax

    Cams already posted canopy light for the chutes on a night jump........If they asked me for them. I would ask them if was for a T-10s or MC1-1Bs chute, you know it makes a difference Another common one was the Key to Area J (Local patch of woods behind the barracks on Bragg) Left handed metric...
  18. What's the difference between the M60 and M240B?

    We were in the same unit, might have been the same MG Co C 1979 -82....The Bde S-3
  19. What's the difference between the M60 and M240B?

    I usually started fires with the smoke grenades or the occasional Arty simulator. I think I fought more fires than fire fights training at Bragg, thank god I wasn't in Nor Cal in the spring/summer. One more tidbit about the M60. It was too big for the M1950 weapons case. To jump it you...
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