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  1. Identify this flower

    Could be a trillium or orchid.
  2. Identify this flower

    Are these native to new england?
  3. Identify this flower

    Feed Me!
  4. Identify this flower

    Better be careful, Maura might make it illegal to photograph a lady slipper without first asking for consent.
  5. Identify this flower

    Lady slipper?
  6. Trudeau bans "assault weapons"!
  7. Virginia judge says gun ranges can open

    Good luck getting the same outcome in MA.
  8. Show me your watches. :)

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  9. Happy Opening Day

    Remember opening day like it was yesterday. Would be up all night (and nights before looking for nightcrawlers as the OP stated) and fishing before sun up. For me it was usually at Dug Pond in Natick, catching holdover (but mostly stocked) rainbow trout. The 60's and 70's, great memories!
  10. The paper mill in Jay Maine Just blew up!!!!

    Apparently 7 were found dead in the facility, but the deaths were attributed to covid-19!? ( one died, sorry CDC)
  11. WTB Ruger 22/45 Lite

    Prefer Ruger 22/45 Mark III Bronze, but willing to hear what you have and what you are asking. Eastern MA, within a half hour or so (which is a bit further now than it was a month ago!). Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be...
  12. Anytime Cocktails

    Thank you!
  13. Anytime Cocktails

    Awesome! Would you share your recipe?
  14. Anytime Cocktails

    I was thinking the same thing!
  15. Anytime Cocktails

    Recently squeezed a few lemons and limes into some simple syrup. Awesome with your favorite whiskey (or whisky)!
  16. Liquor more essential than guns?

    So would she literally be "over a gun" if you were to lick?
  17. Liquor more essential than guns?

    That's great, but what will you drink tomorrow?
  18. Coronavirus impulse buy

  19. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    So they canceled the St. Patrick's Day parade and I'm Irish. I watched a bit of the CPAC convention and worst of all, I may have recently only washed my hands for 19 seconds. Do I have Covid-19'? Quote Reply
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