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  1. Dead BOBCAT in backyard.......Big One.......

    We’re on to your games. I saw the thread title and immediately thought this will be a skid steer thread.
  2. Plantar Fasciitis

    Before you do anything else, stretch the calf as others have mentioned above. My PF was torturing me and I noticed my calf muscles being tight from standing a lot. Started the towel stretch (standard runner's stretch; can be done with one leg folded too) and also stretching the calf on stairs...
  3. Monkey From Tewksbury

  4. Monkey From Tewksbury

    The word “monkey” is used by the dumb media the same way everything is an AR or a Glock to them. It could have been a chimp, a gorilla or just about anything. In fact, I bet it is a Glock or AR that is trying to escape MA.
  5. Virginia Family Out for Ride Finds Nearly $1 Million in Road

    Cartel money. Better use it to buy your cemetery plot.
  6. trail Camera with cell service

    Trailcampro is another online retailer with a good selection.
  7. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    Need thread title update to “5/22/20 Another Non-2A SCOTUS Announcement”.
  8. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    What about 14A and MacDonald?
  9. Mounting Big TV on Old Hollow Cinder Block Wall?

    Did someone say bolt gun?
  10. Doall clay cannon......worth every penny.

    Put on tripod with tilt and pan head. Then remote foot switch.
  11. Doall clay cannon......worth every penny.

    They need an auto/remote version too. Seems easy to do.
  12. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    They will continue to kick the can until it cannot be found.
  13. Win for Reparations: California Assembly Committee Votes Yes on Bill

    Shouldn’t they first start with native americans?
  14. 74-76 MPH

    Now that I wear a mask and goggles when I drive, I just floor it and driving becomes a video game.
  15. Berry bushes as landscape

    The bears will enjoy them. Unless you live in Somerville.
  16. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    I thought MacDonald extended 2A to the states via 14A? Can't recall.
  17. Big Bear

    Wonder what the truck looks like.
  18. Anyone use Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club?

    It's a great range. Agree with what Rob said on all counts. All shooting is good -- outdoor pistol and carbine bays, rifle range, shotgun range, indoor range (which I have never used in 10 years!). No elitism that I've ever seen. If you are pressed for time, try to avoid the Major! (assuming...
  19. Supreme Court schedules Friday Conference.

    You guys keep making fun of me...
  20. Man chugs wine from bottom of speeding truck

    Officer Bill: Excuse me, son, but it’s still an open container violation.
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