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  1. Ruger introduces their take on the FN Five-Seven

    I bought a .22TCM conversion barrel for my Glock 17. 50 rounds fired: "Wow, this is cool. Look at that flash!" 75 rounds fired: "Yep. Kinda cool. Big WHOOMP." OK, that was fun. 9mm barrel back in. And now it sits on the shelf along with 4 boxes of .22TCM ammo.
  2. Any recent experience with Sudbury LTC?

    Not a player. It's my SIL asking about the LTC. I'm safely ensconced in "Permit!? We don't need no stinkin' permits" NH.
  3. Ruger introduces their take on the FN Five-Seven

    I'm disappointed, but not surprised, that a gun store would believe the press hype. Maybe, if they had the actual SS190 ammo, fired from a pistol it might penetrate soft body armor. The commonly-available SS195 or SS197 won't penetrate armor when fired from a pistol, and won't reliably...
  4. Any recent experience with Sudbury LTC?

    Thanks, Len. I saw the info on town's website. I didn't see a list on Comm2A's website. I'll look again. I was also hoping for some personal insights based on experiences ("they took forever to get back to me," or "the licensing officer is a dick," etc.) ETA: Found the 2017 Comm2A list.
  5. Any recent experience with Sudbury LTC?

    My SIL is looking at getting her LTC in Sudbury. The original list shows it as Red, and there hasn't been much discussion on it since about 2013. Does anyone have any recent intel on what, if any, additional hoops will be put in her way as she attempts to get an unrestricted LTC? I just want...
  6. Boston Transit LEO accused of raping two women in cruiser

    Yeah, that they would come out so strongly was a surprise, especially this early in the process.
  7. Boston Transit LEO accused of raping two women in cruiser

    I thought this comment was particularly telling: "“We are appalled by the allegations against former Transit Police Officer Shawn McCarthy. The association in no way, shape or form stands by Shawn McCarthy in this incident,” President of the MBTA Police Association Bob Marino said in a...

    Well, you did say "Otherwise you'll likely spend a shitload of time and money mixing and matching bolts buffer and springs until you find a setup that works. If you skinflint on it and throw together a bunch of random parts from a dozen manufacturers you'll end up paying for it in the end." I'm...

    Wow. You had a bad experience that jaded you on 9mm PCC's. I've had no problems putting together three 9mm PCC's (two dedicated lowers and one drop-in conversion) from different manufacturers that run like sewing machines, first time out. In my experience, you use a quality Bolt, and a...
  10. Who's shooting, who's not shooting???

    Another gorgeous range day. I hope everyone was out. Checking out the zero on my 10/22's, both suppressed and "boring." I need to get something better than the stock trigger in there. Maybe the factory BX-Trigger module. 25 yards, suppressed, AE 45 gr suppressor ammo. Nothing to write...
  11. NFA Items - Picture thread

    Ah. I thought that was just "breaking it open." Learned a new term today.
  12. NFA Items - Picture thread

    I thought that was called "mortaring."
  13. Show your AR builds.

    This camouflage scheme is known as "I laid my hot suppressor against my black range bag." I have a suppressor in this exact same camo scheme.
  14. Gun Club closure megathread

    I don't care enough to. Not my club. I was expressing astonishment/outrage, not seeking specific answers. My club has been open the entire time, with a supportive BoD and very view (if any) restrictions from normal ops.
  15. Gun Club closure megathread

    WTF? Why is the LPD wandering around private property? Who invited them in?
  16. Gun Club closure megathread

    "The town may monitor compliance." W. T. F?
  17. Show your AR builds.

    I hope this isn't one of those "one entry per contestant" things, because I've never bought a factory rifle.
  18. Springfield Magazine Sale

    I have lots of magazines for sale; actually I have two lots of magazines for sale. Lot 1: three (3) factory Springfield XD40 10 round .40S&W magazines. Price: $30. 3 10-round (left). Lot 2: three (3) factory Springfield XD40 12 round .40S&W magazines. Price: $30. 3-12 round (right). Don't...
  19. can we revisit dash cams, please

    Acutally, it's "poke behind" with a little spatula-looking thing, rather than removing. I think I only removed one piece of plastic, and that was a rear hinge cover to run the wire to the rear window. Popped right back on.
  20. Worst gun ever

    Dude! It's one of my favorites.
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