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  1. Connecticut State Trooper Loses It !!!

    The drive should sue. Flipping off a cop is not smart but it is also freedom. YMMV
  2. 5th Gen dodge Ram?

    The only good Dodge truck made. 1994 12 valve. Not my truck
  3. We won the Lottery

  4. USMC Gunny 1911

  5. Jackson Mississippi mayor bans open carry

    that man is an idiot
  6. Kim won’t be down for kimchi?

  7. More than 10 people killed in Nova Scotia rampage

    Laws fix it all "Mass shootings are relatively rare in Canada. The country overhauled its gun-control laws after gunman Marc Lepine killed 14 women and himself at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique college in 1989. Before this weekend’s rampage, that had been the country’s worst"
  8. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    Atta boy keep inline with the communist party. Gun shops should remain open for all or none, not for just for a certain group of people with a certain job and a shinny piece of metal. f*** that. you are missing the point.
  9. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    frack that non-sense. reasons are bullshit, all or none
  10. Fun facts about the A10 Warthog

    song is too fast for the plane. LOL think more like this View:
  11. Some members of our society are just POS.

    Complete moron. Thats why we have the throat punch.
  12. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Thats BULLSHIT as BULLSHIT is.
  13. Classifieds

    That is genius
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