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  1. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    google it, or search yt if you've no knowledge of the show. I've got a post about it in the "off topic" subforum here, too. The traditional picks have always just failed. the ferrorod, 2 qt pot, sleeping bag, paracord, axe, saw, belt knife are loser-picks. The rations have been cut to 2 lbs...
  2. hillary to satan: "you said I'd win!"

    Satan to hillary, " you said you had a soul". KFC hillary special, 2 small breasts, two large thighs and a left wing.
  3. Any followers of the Alone TV show here?

    if you're unfamilar with the 1/2 million $ challenge, here's info. They've had 5 seasons, nobody's lasted 3 months, bunch of crybabies is all the producers will allow on the show. Out of 54 entrants, 2 have cut themselves with axes, two have been hurt in falls, one poisoned himself with bad...
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