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  1. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  2. Apple Debuts Online Store With 10 Percent Discount for Veterans and Active Military

    Picked up the iPad for $249 at Walmart on Black Friday. That's much cheaper than the listed price of $296 under this promotion.
  3. Arlington Police Lt. suspended for editorial columns - UPDATE

    Looks like he is ready to retire & collect his pension after 22 years. He needs help....
  4. Cabela's won't ship ammo to the store ?

    They will ship to store. Register on their website, follow their instructions including uploading your LTC. Works for me.
  5. NRA Life Membership sale

    Mistakenly picked up my phone and was offered a life membership for $600. I opted to extend my membership to 5 years/$125.
  6. Burglary suspect stopped by armed homeowner while 'lookout' slept in car

    Gabriella Solis is young, maybe she can turn her life around.
  7. Careful with social media...

    It makes them feel important that they have a "large" following online.
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