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  1. Wedding DJ Question

    well, I argue that anyone who spends $30-$40K (average from what I hear) for one day that is merely a cookie cutter exercise is "out of touch". The smart couples do something low key with friends and family and save up for something worthwhile, like a house, travel, etc. How often do couple...
  2. Wedding DJ Question most things, Monkey See Monkey Do. The traditional wedding is a pure money shakedown scam...but every little girl grows up wanting what everyone else has had. Ditto today, everyone wants what others have or have done because they want to fit in...Period. Friend has a loud DJ, they...
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Pretty sure those kind of people don't walk anywhere.... It should read " live here and ride your electric scooter to Walmart and McDonald's".....[smile]
  4. Winter motorcycle storage

    It's through Mid- April. Basically, they actually store the bikes at an offsite warehouse somewhere in Beverly (news to me) and then bring them all back at the end of March. From there they play it by ear. If you want to take it earlier they'll fire it up and get it ready and if there is a freak...
  5. Winter motorcycle storage

    I ride for both fun (weekend) and transportation (weekday).. Also , come the first big frost, ice, snow the roads become riddled with salt and dirt. Not great for traction or the bike...all in all the riding season in MA is too short..
  6. Winter motorcycle storage know, just not worth it when it drops below 40. Hands get frozen regardless, feet get uncomfortable, and then I still don't have a place to store it if it snows.. Trust me, it pains me to put it away. So nice to actually look forward to the ride to and from work when I take it....
  7. Winter motorcycle storage

    Ended up biting the bullet and storing it at GBM.... I was in the middle of changing my oil (it was ~40 degrees outside) and thought to myself "I still need to finish this, clean the chain, stabilize the fuel, and wash the thing and THEN drive over an hour where I usually store it in a cold...
  8. Winter motorcycle storage

    you guys are near one of my favorite towns...Portsmouth! Do you work there? If it wasn't so far I would jump at that....
  9. Winter motorcycle storage

    My landlord is already squeamish about having a bike in the driveway since he's afraid a plow will hit it....kind of weird. But I have looked at these..
  10. Winter motorcycle storage

    If my landlord wasn't such a pain in the ass I could see myself doing this..As long as you keep precipitation off of it and out of the wind they are generally fine..
  11. Winter motorcycle storage

    no crap..When I was house shopping I almost bought one with a really nice full basement I could put my bike in (only about 5 stairs to roll down, pretty easy with a good ramp). I would happily store friends bikes for a very small nominal fee or in return for someone winterizing my bike and...
  12. Winter motorcycle storage

    looked at one, the thing is GBM is literally right next door. Convenient but not $500 convenient...
  13. Winter motorcycle storage

    Don't plan on wrenching over the winter, just like to keep it heated to deter condensation, not drain the battery, etc. I generally don't store in a heated garage but it's a nice to have.
  14. Winter motorcycle storage

    yup, would be about the same if not more
  15. Winter motorcycle storage

    Looking for a nice warm place to rest the bike for the winter. I live in Arlington now so GBM was my first choice but they charge $500 for Nov-April....Pretty pricey. Any ideas in this area that are more reasonable?
  16. Landlord entered apt without notice

    You know that mista mista lady...I think I just killed her... I’m pretty sure I can recite that entire movie
  17. Landlord entered apt without notice

    I have permission for AC...that was something I requested to add... not my first rental rodeo ;)
  18. Landlord entered apt without notice

    Alright....glad I lead with a very simple email instead of a rant. He responded pretty quickly that he apologizes and that contractors were painting the outside windows...he was initially told by the painters that it didn’t need to come out, this changed one they got on ladders and tried doing...
  19. Landlord entered apt without notice

    Sent a basic email to first ask what happened.. his reply will let me know what course to take
  20. Landlord entered apt without notice

    Guy has been a tool on several occasions..I want an explanation.. and I want to know why it’s okay to touch my personal property.. he crossed the line. The better approach would be a polite message to me to ask that as soon as the heat goes on the ac is removed.. he’s a tool and his was the...
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