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  1. 6 killed in New Jersey gunbattle

    Because Religion of Peace
  2. Active shooter/hostage situation: Jersey City

    The pics of the cops had a ton of them with cans, most of the gunfire was loud AF. No way I buy that.
  3. Active shooter/hostage situation: Jersey City

    Drug deal my ass.
  4. Active shooter/hostage situation: Jersey City

    Lots of gunshots. View:
  5. Active shooter/hostage situation: Jersey City
  6. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    From Virginia (VCDL): A bill has been prefiled for the new session to "prohibit paramilitary activity." Read between the lines, it conceivably COULD be taken to outlaw training with what the state deems to be military style weapons, training in advanced tactics, some prepping, reloading...
  7. Democrats steal Virginia - You're next

    And now there is a bill to ban virtually all semi-autos. Anything that can hold over 10 rounds. Shotguns with pistol grips. VA is done for.
  8. Bolt Carrier

    I love my Odin works BCGs
  9. The President Trump Megathread

    And Bloomberg has entered the race 🤣🤣
  10. Al-Baghdadi won't be down for a Halal Breakfast.

    Love that he said he "died like a dog." That's a serious dig as Muslims see dogs as unclean and don't like them.
  11. Cambridge Cop Glock Leg

    Cambridge police officer injured by accidental discharge of own firearm
  12. Testicle Shot

    But only cops should have gunz
  13. Walmart stops selling most ammo and bans open carry

    This will be a big kick in the nuts to their bottom line. Well, another one on my no-shop list.
  14. Now they come for Paintball and Airsoft Just when you think they can't get any crazier.
  15. Trump gun control, update post 529 Trump No Longer Backing “Red Flag” Law, Background Check Changes

    McConnell: Gun Control Bills Will Be "Front and Center" in September Session
  16. Amnesty International Travel Advisory for US "because gunz"

    Global Human Rights Movement Issues Travel Warning for the U.S. Due to Rampant Gun Violence – Amnesty International USA
  17. Preferred replacement AR15 barrel

    Love my Faxon firearms hybrid barrel. 14.5", .223 Wylde, Nitride finished, 1:8 twist, and it has a hybrid profile. It is Milspec profile for the first 10 inches, and then tapers into a pencil profile. Super light, super accurate, and no issues shooting hundreds and hundreds of rounds in a day...
  18. NES Sticker spotting

    That's me!
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