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  1. CC/DC Merchant Processing Vendor

    Retail. CC charges averaging .25/item and rates between 1.25-3.5% depending on card/loyalty/rewards. DC charges averaging .12/item and rates of 0.90%. Number of charges vary widely. Sometimes under 50. Occasionally over 300. Seasonal business. ETA: Retail. No online. All POS terminal sales...
  2. CC/DC Merchant Processing Vendor

    I’m looking at different options for my merchant processing. Currently using Elavon through Costco Business and they’re alright but the fees are starting to creep up and it’s a struggle to keep up with the increasing number of various fee tiers. I accept all cards. The good thing is no monthly...
  3. Tennessee Will Now Let Felons Possess Guns, but Only if the Guns Are More Than ...

    The first line might as well have been written, ‘Convicted felons have possessed guns for decades across the Country.’
  4. Holster Exchange

    I’m sure there are plenty of other lefties on here.
  5. Prayers for a Neighbor

    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Went to sleep and never woke up. He was the picture of health when you saw him.
  6. Prayers for a Neighbor

    My neighbors lost their 23 year old son Sunday night. He was ten when I first met Ryan and his family and I watched him grow up into an absolutely standup man. The family has had several setbacks over the last few years but this one hits the hardest. I never imagined that I would receive that...
  7. Plan ahead - legal way to get fully legal AR Rifle.

    You should be able to find a preban lower for under $1000 all day long also. It’s more the mag capacity limits that limit the effectiveness and utility of the platform.
  8. Apple TV

    I have the first generation Apple TV. It’s starting to act up on me and there are no longer any updates for it. It’s alright but I’m thinking of going to the Amazon Fire Stick. All the same content and some other newer stuff.
  9. FFL Space Available at the Mill in Littleton

    Is this open to non-Mass residents?
  10. Google to offer checking accounts...

    Absolutely everything.
  11. Gunsmith in Southern CT

    Ben seems like knows his stuff and I would give him the benefit of the doubt in most cases. That other forum you mentioned would be a good place to get in touch with him. Red Planet Arsenal in Waterbury (Henson’s place) is another option for you.
  12. UDI

    How do you like it?
  13. Gunsmith in Southern CT

    Smith Tactical in Oxford just opened up and seems to really have his stuff together. JoJo’s is never a bad option.
  14. UDI

    It is. I want to read it one more time and then feel a karma coming on.
  15. UDI

    If you can find a copy of The Great Betrayal: The Memoirs of Africa’s Most Controversial Leader it is a great read.
  16. Gun trust???

    There is no reason for a person with a will not to have a revocable trust drawn up at the same time. The speed at which a trustee can transfer funds, divide assets, divvy out monies, all in privacy with speed, much outweighs the initial cost of setting it up.
  17. Gun trust???

    Excellent. Thank you. I was unaware of that intricacy in the law.
  18. Gun trust???

    Have a will? If not you can do a bequeathment and that carries the weight of the law as a binding request. Otherwise you just write a letter to the family, whoever, and make a request for your wishes to be adhered to. As long as you’re not on the outs with any family at your time of death, they...
  19. Recommendation for cellphone provider?

    Verizon. Have had other providers for work phones and the coverage is not as good. VZ might be a premium but as my only method of voice, it's worth it for the coverage and service. But the Google Fi comments have me curious now.
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