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  1. What Club/Range do you belong to?

    Andover sportsmen’s club. I like they offer something for everyone and have different things going on
  2. Tandemkross upgrades for sw22 victory

    Thanks everyone seems my minds made up I’ll be ordering tonight. Enloc thanks for the code much appreciated
  3. Tandemkross upgrades for sw22 victory

    Thanks! I agree the stock trigger isn’t bad but I got this gun to try out precision bullseye and would like just a bit less pre travel and lighter pull especially for the speed round. Also didn’t know they were New England based will have to check out what else they offer for me
  4. Tandemkross upgrades for sw22 victory

    Hi all, I recently got a victory 22. It’s a good gun but I am looking to upgrade the trigger and hammer to lighten the pull. Has anyone upgraded with the Tandemkross thunder hammer and/or the victory trigger? Worth’s the money and effort? Thanks everyone
  5. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  6. NES/MFS August Giveaway

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