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  1. Glock 43X trigger SUCKS and hurts my finger - Can I replace it with a better one?

    Don't own a glock, but love the Apex Inputbin my sigma. That is the same as a hlock, isn't it?
  2. Paintball

    Love a nice emag. Last I played I ran my Ego 11. May be running some games this summer
  3. Newb Trap Shooter Question

    Would help if we knew where you are
  4. Looking For A Garand

    There is one at next level in salem with the 16 inch bayonet
  5. Winter motorcycle storage

    Before I moved north I always used GP cycle in Malden. Good people and quite 2a friendly
  6. UPDATE : NH House Criminal Justice and Public Safety is deciding the fate of this bill on 10/30

    Heading out shortly. Who else? Where to meet? Anything I should know? Never been to NH state house before
  7. Dragon's breath (or other fun ammo)

    Not A Flamethrower — The Boring Company
  8. Vegan Calls Police After Eating Chicken Nuggets

    How can you tell someone is vegan? Give them a minute, they will tell you. Repeatedly.
  9. Gun Friendly PC Repair?

    Hamilton computers in Worcester. Quite 2a friendly
  10. Paintball

    I remember planet paintball. I still have some stickers from there somewhere
  11. Paintball

    I played at both friendly fire and fox4
  12. If you are in Boston on Monday Afternoon...

    Am in Sullivan square and was pretty awesome
  13. Can UBGC ever work?

  14. "The Boys" on Amazon Prime

    It was quite good, even though they toned it down
  15. Medford MA LTC Renewal Wait Times?

    Just leave it in a safe deposit box. They will grab it for you
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