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  1. General Mini 14 Thread

    I am going to help/show him how to do the repair. Have acraglas and brass Pins on hand.
  2. CETME troubles

    Hope they fix it to your satisfaction. The UZI model A is like that also.
  3. CETME troubles

    have you adjusted the windage via the front sight yet? How do you adjust the sights on a CETME?
  4. General Mini 14 Thread

    I would be happy to help I just ordered some fresh acraglass. the package I have is on the old side. (I like to have it on hand for repairs or builds) and it was on sale!
  5. General Mini 14 Thread

    You can preheat the bedding compound (this makes it like water) and No bedding filler and just spread the crack as much as you feel safe and use a dropper to drop it in. let it flow as much as possible and then clamp. if it isn't cracked all the way through drill a small hole at the end of the...
  6. General Mini 14 Thread

    It is fixable get some brownells acraglass and open the crack (take the metal off) and run a little into it and then clamp. wipe off excess and let harden. you can also cross pin it if you want with a threaded brass rod. done right you won't see it from the outside. I would do it . it is not...
  7. I plan to send my Mini-14 to Accuracy Systems...what can I legally have them do?

    The good news is it is an actual factory folder You can tell by the front swivel being on the side. (regular ones are on the bottom) Pistol grip and folder are 2 features.
  8. Superintendent of Massachusetts State Police, Col. Kerry Gilpin Retiring

    any SS benefits are offset by the pension It is the Windfall Elimination Provision.
  9. Superintendent of Massachusetts State Police, Col. Kerry Gilpin Retiring

    For members entering service before April 2, 2012, please enter the average of your highest thirty-six consecutive months of annual regular compensation (base salary). the payout is based on the last 3 years they work not the last year.
  10. Need rotors turned.update post 82 job done

    o'reilly's turn rotors.
  11. TCR22 Rifle - rust and where to buy?

    I have one, the trigger was a bit gritty at first but after 100 or so rounds it smoothed out. I have not done anything to the trigger yet. accuracy is dependant on the ammo, with cci mini mags it was bigger groups than I expected but with standard vol rounds it settled into a nice tight group...
  12. MP5 Mag Wobble

    from your pics it is used as a advertising piece/dummy the real gun is locked up in a safe.
  13. MP5 Mag Wobble

    sounds like airsoft.
  14. MP5 Mag Wobble

    Pick a hollow point that is as rounded as possible and go from there.
  15. MP5 Mag Wobble

    Yea remember they are designed as mil/police guns and that means ball ammo. if they feed others great, but unless you tweak the feed ramp (the MP5 really doesn't have one) or the chamber end of the barrel (you can do this with a little feed ramp into the bottom of the chamber quite a few old...
  16. MP5 Mag Wobble

    they were designed to shoot ball ammo. You would have to ramp the barrel a little to get them to feed. with the gun built it would not be worth doing.
  17. MP5 Mag Wobble

    It is designed to rock in. some wobble is normal. if it feeds with no issues stop screwing with it. ( HK roller locked guns are kind of unique unto themselves. )
  18. Is there a recovery period for hearing loss?

    My aids make the tinnitus less noticeable. (HF loss here too) if I don't put them in first thing in the am I really notice the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  19. Anybody have any experience with the Henry AR7 rifle ?

    get a breakdown 10/22 or just take apart a regular .22 and stuff it in your pack. I had an armalite back in the 80's and I really wanted to like it but it was a cheap unreliable pos for the reasons stated above. (and jammed easy.) I hope that Henry fixed most of the reliability issues...
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