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  1. Are War Movies Taboo Now?

    Right? When Das Boot was televised watching it pretty much shot the entire weekend. [laugh]
  2. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    Were 4 of the 9 Ski Patrol? [laugh]
  3. Mixing Pigs and Monkeys

    What could possibly go wrong?[thinking]
  4. ALERT: RBG Pancreatic Cancer - SCOTUS Statement

    Did they leave any tracks behind? Did they look like this? —> (.y.) (.y.) (.y.)
  5. The President Trump Megathread

  6. ALERT: RBG Pancreatic Cancer - SCOTUS Statement

    Everyone knows you post cupcakes to get a thread locked on NES. Oh look...
  7. GM6 Lynx Semi-Auto 50 BMG Bullpup

    ..or backward.
  8. The President Trump Megathread

    Not Lichtenstein... I have friends in Lichtenstein.
  9. New gun shooting low

    Reading the thread title I thought OP woke up next to a .40 or a Taurus Curve.
  10. Advice on cleaning mold from stocks and slings

    Tea tree oil will kill just about any mold or fungus. Would think it would be great on the wood. Not sure how leather or paint would fare.
  11. The President Trump Megathread

    I hope you are right but still say we need to be wary of it. Certain connected families made out extremely well in WWI and WWII.
  12. The President Trump Megathread

    Right? When I started reading about concentration camps it had a bit of a WMD, mobile nerve gas lab ring to it.
  13. The President Trump Megathread

    The article says they do not know who leaked the documents containing details about the camps or the purpose of them being leaked... Then they go on to say there are only three possible avenues they could have leaked from and the obvious reasons for each. I'm not buying that there are only three...
  14. The President Trump Megathread

    Is this the hook they're going to use to get us to support going to war with China? I love seeing our president not take crap from China and look out for our interests instead. At the same time, I think we need to be very leery of someone or some group leveraging the situation to get us in to a...
  15. If you pray send some my way.

    When my brother was in rehab there was a bulletin board in the hospital that had flyers for people selling everything from used chairs, to vans, to accessible houses. If you're near Spaulding or another rehab hospital they may have something similar. My brother uses a Better Made Wheelchair...
  16. The President Trump Megathread

  17. Teachers Gone Wild MEGA THREAD

    Good God Christ almighty. [puke] School for the blind? Not sure that would be enough to explain anyone agreeing to hit that though.
  18. Does anyone have access to or own an acrylic cutting machine?

    We have a water jet at work. $100/hour of cut time. Acrylic should cut fairly quickly and I believe we run fusion 360 in the studio. Could probably work out having material sourced locally and then ship parts if that works for you and you can't find a good local option.
  19. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    Still tucking that back knee are ya? [laugh]
  20. New Windows

    I just had to replace the lock set/scalp plate assembly on one of the Anderson french doors to our deck. Was out of warranty by a couple months. I had to pay for it but they knocked about half off because it was so close. Customer service was exceptionally good. I think the doors and windows in...
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