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  1. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!
  2. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    In the process of buying my first house and I just got 2.875% with VA and CHFA at 30yr fixed. 🤷‍♂️

    How ever you look at it, the sad reality is it's only a matter of time before some holy warrior takes out an entire auditorium full of children due to the inaction of parents and local government. Prepare your blame accordingly.
  4. Great news

    National Guard or other state military reservations usually have a small PX/BX on them so you should have access to those as well.
  5. Great news

    If you qualify to be enrolled into the VA health system and/or if youre service connected for a disability - you get the new card.
  6. Red Flag standoff in NY

    Holy phucking shit... I literally just read through this thread and my phone started blowing up. I was in the some company with this guy. We served together in OEF X. JFC... i thought i was done dealing with this shit. Apparently, he had a fight with his wife and the neighbirs called the police.
  7. Great news

    Yes, just go to your local VA and get the new card issued. I got my picture taken and issued the card immediately - some may differ. For those who haven't been on base in a long time, just remember how to properly observe reveille and retreat when you're on base lol!
  8. Impeachment woes for the Dems

    This right here. I think he gets to be the third US President impeached but with an asterisk next to it. By the time it gets to trial in the Senate from this point on, then a trial lasts ~two weeks it will take them right into the Iowa caucus where they wont be able to attend.
  9. Poll: how to dispose of 10-yr-old bulk ammo?

    Well i completely read the thread title way too fast...
  10. HK 1911 their social media people at it again, trolling boomers

    In still commitned to buying one immediately. I dont care how blasphemous it would be.

    Reeks of troll
  12. New TV

    This right here. Dont listen to any other replies in this thread from non-videophiles. I have a 55" LG C7 OLED that I picked up for $1100 during a sale. Once you go OLED black, you'll never go back!
  13. The President Trump Megathread

  14. Post-Downtime Thread

    Just replied to a comment in the heavy parrot thread and the last sentance was chopped off and not posted after i clicked the post button. Had to go back and edit it in. Edit: post #60
  15. Heavy Parrot Content: So that the large checks thread doesn't get locked

    Wondering if you had a contact since you said family or a friend owned one but ill do some research. Beautiful birds and im kinda tired of outliving pets.
  16. Heavy Parrot Content: So that the large checks thread doesn't get locked

    Where would I look to purchase such an exotic bird?
  17. Socom ll Question

    Yes. 5/32 allen key and a 3/8 socket.
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