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  1. The Box is Opened!

    A great project for a great client. Over a year in the making, collaborating with some of the best in the business. I built this Colt starting with a new Series 70 frame and slide. All new internals from bar stock. Kart barrel, EGW bushing. Checkered 25 lpi by checkering master Pete Single. Flat...
  2. Built to Travel Colt 1911

    A Colt Combat Commander in .45 built for travel. Bobbed Derr Precision grip safety, bobbed main spring housing in a small package. 25 LPI checkering for a good hand hold. Finished in tough IonBond satin black. Two matching Wilson mags with flat bottoms and a comfortable Exodus IWB holster of...
  3. What's in the Box?

  4. 1990's Bowling Pin Style Colt 1911

    This is part of a 12 gun project, a Colt from each decade built in the most prevalent style of that decade. In the 1990's bowling pin shooting was still a thing. This build features a original Clark comp and BoMar sight with a Kart match barrel. Just two more left in this project. the 30's and...
  5. MEUSOC 1911 fighting terrorists

    The Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Command (MEUSOC ) was in it’s the iconic pistol of the 2000 decade. Post 9/11 it saw plenty of front line action in Afghanistan and Iraq with front line Marine waging a war or terrorist. This example is part of the “decades” project featuring the...
  6. Elephant and Alligator!

    After we selected the grey grips from Crystal at A Woman's Touch for this hard chrome Colt Gold Cup, we had to get the right leather to accent it. We worked with Carl Collins at Exodus Leather to get elephant in gray. His wife Amy dyed some alligator to pick up the golden highlights of the grips...
  7. Simple Justice 1911

  8. Step Right Up Sir! Try Your Luck!

    This is a new generation Gold Cup, no spring and clip. They also have aluminum triggers.
  9. The 1911 of an American Hero

    1914 Colt Navy carried by a US navy hero. This one stays as is. Happy Memorial Day, thank you for your service.
  10. Fitz Special style Colt revolver.

    . It's really a historic piece. But the trigger is not easy to miss without the guard. That was his idea, your finger falls right in place on the draw. He was a NY Trooper and had a bit of a LEO following. It would never fly by todays standards.
  11. Fitz Special style Colt revolver.

    Double action
  12. Step Right Up Sir! Try Your Luck!

    That is a sweet shooter. I really like the new generation of Colt Gold Cups. I just finished another one in hard chrome for a client. Nice that you are wearing gloves to keep your prints off John's gun.
  13. Fitz Special style Colt revolver.

    Built on a 1921 Police Positive .38 Special. Full details and process in American Handgunner in a few months. A fun project.
  14. Which grips took better?

    Torn between two burls. One brown one grey on a. hard chrome Gold Cup. What's your favorite? Both made by Crystal at " A Woman's Touch"
  15. Greg Derr's post

    Sorry. I got the oilers on a package of stuff. I did not know what the manufacturer was. But do now. Thanks to qqac.
  16. Graduation Gift 1911

    Great question. We try to work with clients ideas as much as we can, but we do provide guidance . Some clients are very particular in the details and some leave the entire project to us. We do of course like perimeters as to caliber and finish as well as trigger size. We like to treat every...
  17. Graduation Gift 1911

    When you commission a build you can choose to use your parrot in the photos if you like.
  18. Graduation Gift 1911

    New Colt Series 70 Fit with a Kart NM barrel and EGW bushing. EGW beavertail grip safety. Chen Max Bevel MSH and frontstrap at 25 lpi. Heinie front and rear sight with a flat topped, arrow pattern, serrated slide. Ball cuts and bottom bevel. Monogramed for Ryan M. by Dave Clevinger. Tripp Cobra...
  19. Fall Classic Gridiron Colt

    One of our Fall Classics Colt Series 70's finished in hard chrome with a presentation case by Glenn Dean of Classic Chests for a gridiron hero.
  20. 1943 USMC Sweetheart Colt

    1940's Colt for a long term decades project consisting of one Colt 1911 from each decade. built in the style of that decade. Four more to go.
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