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  1. Upcoming Mass Gun Control hearings...

    I will not comply with illegal gun laws. Off site storage? please, they dont even take away cars from CONVICTED drunk drivers! and they are going to punish law abiding gun owners. Simple statement and I stand by it. COME AND TAKE IT! And I WILL be at this hearing
  2. UN small arms treaty petition

    [thinking] kinda thought more people would be interested in this...
  3. UN small arms treaty petition

    well.. that too lol
  4. UN small arms treaty petition

    thank you :) pretty sure that this will go on with no response... but I want the White house to hear a united voice.
  5. Find-a-pro on NES

    Figure I may as well use this too. I am a Constable and located in SE MA. It's not often that someone has need for a Constable, and typically it is never a good thing. But that is what i do. I became a Constable recently after being umemployed for a rather long time. I was having a...
  6. UN small arms treaty petition
  7. Best begginer handgun training Middleboro, ma

    Looking for a class for two lady friends... but Your site says you are in Holliston... not really close to Middleboro last time I checked. Do you use a range in Middleboro?
  8. Crazy new ATV law in Ma.

    maybe im becoming more intollerant of stupid laws that tell me how to raise my kids and live in my home... but m nearing the point where this would be a justified response to the government official that arrives to enforce said law... GET OFF MY LAWN!
  9. Carpenter ants

    make sure to follow them and find the nest... you may find the what i found in my last house... nest in the wall... and termites... $8,000 later.... they were gone... gl :)
  10. Refinishing my 10/22 stock( COMPLETE )

    very nice... love the blue
  11. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

  12. Do you carry (an) extra mag(s)

    only six round mags for my g36... so always an extra same with the 1911 havent carried extra rounds with the sp101 though...
  13. "your daughter's been kidnapped"

    best scene ever.... oh yeah, id call the pd.
  14. The best dog I ever had wont be down for breakfast.

    [sad] sorry for you loss... most dont understand that the loss of a dog is loosing a member of the family.
  15. 1911s...Now I Get It!

    I like my Para. Shot the S&W, great gun. really wanna get the Sig 1911...
  16. Find-a-pro on NES

    Security Services? Currently manage a contract security service. have locations in MA, RI, NH and soon CT. Not you're 'night watchman' guard service. Professional uniformed officers Armed/unarmed Exp. in Housing, Hospitals, manufacturing, distribution, corporate, patrol checks, hotels...
  17. If the Government shuts down

    first off... this is likely a horrible rumor... but the news had commented that military personell may exp. delay in payments and benifits due to this... leave it to the gov to make sure they get their pay and screw the military. again... unconfirmed news report from fox...
  18. Thinking about a radar detector

    good posts... personally never wanted one... but lately, seems as though it is a revenue generator and they are nailing everyone
  19. pointless rant that we've all had or herd... but....

    yeah, still shopping around on that one... but seems like the price gets higher each place i check out lol
  20. pointless rant that we've all had or herd... but....

    Knew i got screwed on the glock price... but most of the shops that i went to either had nothing in the size i wanted or had others that were actually much higher. So even then i knew it was high... it wasnt as high as others... and no... didnt want to wait and shop around a few months, but...
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