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  1. What do you do when you see another hunter walking through the woods without full orange? Just a Orange hat

    You would think it would help, but it doesn't always. I was hunting in the late '70s in the Sandisfield area and I was targeting a deer when I noticed another hunter about 75 yds away from me directly opposite where I was aiming. This nitwit stood up and was about to shoot when I started...
  2. Massachusetts Permit to Store More Than 10,000 Rounds

    I brought a copy of the CMR with the higher limits anticipating the fire chief wouldn't be aware of it. He wasn't, and said no one had ever approached him for one before. He filled out the permit and asked me if it was okay to charge me $10, since he had to charge something. The permit has no...
  3. Best Single Stage Press for a Beginner

    That is what I described previously. The turret does most rifle calibers. I have used it in both single stage and with the turret without issue.
  4. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club 15 Gun Raffle.

    Bought tickets and bump
  5. Best Single Stage Press for a Beginner

    The Rockchucker or a Lee Classic Cast are good single stage presses. However, you may want to consider a Lee Classic Turret Press. You can easily remove the index rod that moves the turret and use it as a single stage. Then down the road when you decide to pick up the production a bit, you...
  6. Valsartan recall, now shortage

    What pharmacy? CVS is notorious for not carrying inventory. I switched to Walgreen's when CVS repeatedly didn't have inventory. Walgreen's did. My wife is having the same issue with CVS for her meds. She had a BP med she really needed, CVS didn't have it, called Walgreen's and they did...
  7. Aloha! Massachusetts EBT cards used at posh hotels in Hawaii

    I hope they also got their well-deserved airline and hotel rewards points.
  8. The Box is Opened!

    Definitely worth the wait. Exquisite pistol!
  9. looking for quality kitchen knive sets

    +1 for Lamson (I bought my 10 pc R0sewood set when they were called LamsonSharp). As mentioned, free sharpening for life if you ever need it. They are guaranteed for life and are located in Western MA. Great knives. You should be able to find better pricing than their website if you search...
  10. Happy Thanksgiving NES and to all our service members everywhere .

    Happy Thanksgiving All! Best holiday of the year.
  11. Closed on my off grid cabin yesterday.

    In a previous life (over 40 yrs. ago) I had access to a place like this in NH. We used to have to cross-country ski, or snowshoe in (weren't into snowmobiles back then). The propane worked great for everything you mention above. We even had a propane heater, but used the wood stove and...
  12. Closed on my off grid cabin yesterday.

    Enjoy! Nice that it was furnished. One day I hope to get the wife to move north, or to any gun friendlier state for that matter.
  13. If you pray send some my way.

    Best wishes for a successful recovery.
  14. Poll: how to dispose of 10-yr-old bulk ammo?

    In anticipation of winning this month's giveaway, I say karma since I don't have any ammo for it. Then I'd be willing to take on the task to get rid of the ammo [smile].
  15. Most DANGEROUS toy this Xmas season!

    Has Biden approved it yet?
  16. H-3945 Statewide plastic bag ban is now tied up in Beacon Hill

    I’m just glad the folks with EBT cards won’t be charged for bags if this passes [banghead]. This state continues to be an embarrassment.
  17. Making the Mass Pike

    Didn't Dukakis put the nail in the coffin causing 128 to be part of 95? That is, they were looking at running 95 through Boston again under his watch and it was shot down to reroute funding for something else. I don't recall what the something else was. I vaguely recall this impacted Rt. 3...
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