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  1. Security Cameras

    Do you have a link? I wanted to check it out and can't find it on their website.
  2. NH non resident permit?

    How long did it take to get a call back? My license came in with the wrong birth date and I am trying to get resolved. i called on Friday and again today.
  3. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    Bumping this for meeting tonight.
  4. West Boylston vs. Wayne's Weaponry

    Thanks for the info. Another thread is already covering this and it may be best to add your info there.
  5. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    I am not aware of meeting minutes posted. The group amended their request for relief at the beginning of the hearing to limit shooting to only residents of the property. They further tried to define what was reasonable which is 1 hour per day. My opinion of their intent was further formed by...
  6. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    Here is the full update as I saw it at the meeting- The complainants are arguing that the backyard range has become a quasi commercial venture as Wayne has built his shop business. The evidence cited includes instructors that have utilized it for classes that they charged students for, armored...
  7. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    Bumping this again. Meeting is tonight for any that can attend. Word around town is the "concerned citizens" have quite a few supporters attending.
  8. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    No postponement granted? Ironic seeing that three of the seven members terms are expiring at the end of April. The cynic in me might be reading too far into it but based on what Len posted there might be an agenda.
  9. Southboro Wood

    If your coming down 85 from rt. 9 it's a left at the stoplight. It's all cut not stacked between the first house and second. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  10. Southboro Wood

    I know a lot of folks here process there own fire wood. Friend lost a tree in the snow which I just finished cutting up. Have about 25 logs cut 12"-16 inches. Logs vary from about 18 to 10 inches in diameter. Right next to the road. Any who wants them can come grab them. Second house in...
  11. Recommendation for online training course development software

    I have also used Camtasia for this purpose. Free trial when you go to their website.
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