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  1. Tulsa Cop handles active shooter like a boss

    Some questions (generally in decreasing order of importance to me) : - What was the need to engage the suspect without any verbal commands? Shoot first, tell him to stop second? - What's the policy that allows engaging a suspect across six lanes of active traffic without an apparent immediate...
  2. 7 killed , 3 hurt in motorcycle-truck accident in Randolph NH

    Pure speculation : A common tactic when riding in a group is to use one of the bikes as a block when crossing oncoming traffic, like taking a left into some place, like say a hotel or a b&b (like the one they were staying at just up the road). Reading the article, the truck was coming the...
  3. Mass. teacher accused of planting live ammo at school, then calling police

    I've never heard or seen anyone getting charged with carrying ammunition on school grounds before and a quick scan didn't bring up any hits. Is that buried in the Carrying a firearm on school grounds restrictions?
  4. MSP BFS Instructors Question about Certificates

    hey all, I'm considering adding a live fire component to my HFS Class and wanted to note on the Certificate that the class included such. What's the typical wording used to accomplish this? I don't recall this being discussed in my Instructor material. Thanks!
  5. Driving From southern NH To MA for work?

    I remember reading an article about how Waze tries to account for the vehicles it's sending down the alternate routes so it doesn't overload them as well if possible.
  6. Gall bladder removal

    It's great to hear your surgery went smooth!
  7. Border Patrol Agent a Serial Killer

    Well, then, maybe they should start doing so.
  8. Border Patrol Agent a Serial Killer

    some shrink failed at the screening.
  9. Driving From southern NH To MA for work?

    I use Waze almost exclusively. And the only time I get into insufferable traffic is when I ignore Waze completely.
  10. Home Depot blocks NES

    Maybe it's time to set up a DoS on the wifi networks at HD and see how they like it.
  11. Driving From southern NH To MA for work?

    Nashua area to Burlington area Daily. 9am departure from Home, 5-6p departure from work. Inbound is typically 40 to 50 minutes, more if there's a Escorted Truck screwing shit up or not. Outbound has been 50 to 75 minutes, pretty consistently.
  12. Licensed gun owner aids Illinois cops in shootout with suspect; 1 officer injured

    Naw, they'd go directly for attempted murder of a police officer. HA!
  13. Comm2A Monthly Donations - Important Notice

    I'm truly surprised Paypal permitted Comm2A to be on their platform as long as they were. Cuz... Guns.
  14. Just got my new LTC

    Doh, missed that it was a renewal. :\ Whomp whomp
  15. Soft Case With Padlock

    The law states a locked case or container, it doesn't specify the composition or material of said case. Remember, most of the "safety" laws are geared towards preventing unauthorized users easy access to the firearm, not theft prevention.
  16. Just got my new LTC

    Your birthday shouldn't have anything to do with it's effective/issue date. Your Birthday is your expiration date in 5-ish years. How far away is your birthday and how long are they denying your firearm rights for?
  17. ATF Special Agent Phone Call

    Missed this response last year. Submitted == After the individual filled out the 4473 and the FFL provided the information to the NICS for the background check Returned == After NICS completed the background check and provided a response. I've always been told that adding additional types of...
  18. Martial Law in Blandford MA tonight.

    Call the CJIS/FRB and ask them :D
  19. Martial Law in Blandford MA tonight.

    f*** the lot of them. They knew the pay rate when they were hired. They would have easily seen the conditions when they were given a tour of the station and equipment. They accepted the job (and conditions) with the pipe dream they were going to be able to improve the situation. They...
  20. Waltham Takes 46 Acres by Eminent Domain for High School

    Certainly sounds like it's time to make some cord wood.
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