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  1. Maxx Tech brass

    Thanks. I have it separated into a bin for disposal. It was different than what was mentioned in class so i thought I would ask about it.
  2. Maxx Tech brass

    Yup, thank you.
  3. Maxx Tech brass

    Blow up my gun due to the brass being weaker? Is it crap brass in general? Fell free to add conversation of value.
  4. Maxx Tech brass

    DUE to a stepped wall. These do not have that wall. As I mentioned, I am new to reloading so I am asking questions to learn.
  5. Maxx Tech brass

    New reloader here. Took @EddieCoyle 's reloading class and learned a bunch. I believe it was during this class that Maxx Tech brass was mentioned as having reduced case volume due to a stepped case wall and should not be reloaded due to the case volume being lessened. So I bought my first...
  6. Which Caliber for Cicada?

    40mm. Either a blooper or 203 will do.
  7. First press, new reloader

    Been a long time coming but finally bought a Dillon Square Deal B for 9mm. Got bit by the USPSA bug and have been shooting 9mm a lot. Bought most of the accessories for the press from Dillon. Looking at the spent primer chute upgrade on Ebay and found a LED light that mounts on the press. Are...
  8. Best gear for operators

    Operator extra credit: View:
  9. Best gear for operators

    Everything you ever need to know about how to operate is right here: View:
  10. NRA’s Cleans House/downward spiral, Post 421 Wayne gets 57% raise

    Received a fund raising call from the NRA yesterday. Told them that the NRA wouldn't see another dollar from me until Wayne is gone. The rep implied that it was something she was hearing a lot. Maybe a wake up call is coming to the NRA.
  11. Home Inspection in Leominster

    I used Comprehensive Home Inspection in Fitchburg. He was very thorough.
  12. The American Revolution was a mistake

    Looks like his parents not using birth control was the real mistake here....
  13. Peltor EEP-100 ear plug review

    I'm using the skull screws. Seem to work and feel the best.
  14. Peltor EEP-100 ear plug review

    I can second the review on these. Worn them for a USPSA matches now and really like them. Some of the open pistols can be very loud and these worked great. No rifle fire yet either.
  15. USPSA @ Hopkinton Sat June 1st

    Can't make it Friday to help set up due to work but I can get there early Saturday morning if needed. Let me know.
  16. WTS *SPF* Sig P320 X5 *SPF*

    *SPF* Location : Fitchburg *SPF* Description : Excellent condition P320 X5. Completely stock. Less than 700 rounds through. Accessories : 4 10 round magazines. Comptac OWB holster. Original case. Selling Terms : FTF EFA-10 Price : $700. Also have 8 additional 10 rounds magazones that I will...
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