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  1. Michigan Is Running Low On Booze

  2. Massachusetts to Ban Newport Cigarettes

    I thought we were supposed to be smoking Newports while we jump into our Ferrari convertible or we're doing NES wrong!
  3. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    After 10.x Apple dropped support for 32-bit apps; I think a lot of people stopped updating for that reason. Can't find current numbers though.
  4. A Brief History of The ’94 Assault Weapon Ban

    The CMP price was $99 (or less) for ages and ages, which I think kept prices down. You had to show proof of shooting some highpower matches to get one, though. (120 shots for record, maybe?)
  5. Wild game butcher recommendations

    Jim Wallace in Newburyport might still be in the business. (Not sure how busy GOAL keeps him.) Blood Farm in Groton does good work but isn't cheap.
  6. A Brief History of The ’94 Assault Weapon Ban

    I went to a bunch of gun shows in the leadup to the ban. Everybody thought it was coming, and production lines were cranking. A friend of mine basically put everything he could into hock to buy all the guns he thought he'd ever want. I certainly learned more about ARs that summer than I'd...
  7. Mass gets an F for fiscal health

    I knew Connecticut and Illinois were in a league of their own, but I would not have guessed NJ would lead the pack by such a large margin. The graph looks fairly normal until near the end of the list (Mass and Hawaii at $31k), but then Connecticut ($52k), Illinois ($53k), and NJ ($65k) blow the...
  8. What The Hell Is Up With People Getting Hit By Trains Lately ???

    I don't know what's up with that crossing. I see a lot of stupid there, and sometimes even professionals. A couple of months ago I rolled up to it from the Cambridge side and there was a police car with traffic stopped and a tow truck working on a car that looked like it had broken the front...
  9. Group Buy? Air Force F-16 fighter jet from 1980 for sale in Florida

    I know it's not what you mean, but once upon a time there was a helicopter training company in southern NJ that had a deal whereby for their cross-country tips they could bring their students to land on the helipad of the USS Intrepid. Makes a person want to learn rotary flying for that alone.
  10. Today is 8/8, Heil Hitler (more media lunacy)

    I've got just the shirt for it!
  11. Acquiring an entry level 12 gauge for trap shooting at an under $1000 price point

    It's all about fit, at least shoulder them if you can't shoot them; don't commit to anything you can't hold unless you don't mind that you might be moving it along a week later. Kittery Trading Post usually has a ton of shotguns on the racks if you've ever down that way. I'd go with the new...
  12. Donation Bins - WTF is Wrong with People?

    Wow, that's rough. Lots of towns will leave construction debris on the curb (being at the curb with a good attitude and $20 helps), but not even taking car parts is a new low. I can see the point with construction debris, but WTF, car parts?! My town used to be a little picky, then we...
  13. San Diego Screws E-Scooter Companies Out Of $200k During Comic-Con

    When I was in Brookline yesterday they were everywhere, too. Bird and Lime, the same two companies that are the big players in California. Either they worked something out with the city or they don't care, I could see it going either way.
  14. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    Hey, they're bookies, not election commissioners. At least one person there isn't even legally eligible. You wanna bet on it, they'll take your money.
  15. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    Here ya go: US Presidential Election 2020 Democrat Candidate Betting Odds | Politics
  16. employment drug testing: wt-----

    I'm doing engineering work for a company now with a lot of government work, and formerly worked at an FFRDC directly working (often on-base) for the DoD, and I've never pissed in a cup for it. (The FFRDC reserved the right to require one if you f***ed something up in a way that might have been...
  17. Cash only Rant *Updated*

    In those cases do you mean actual folding Benjamins kinda cash or does a check get the same rate? I usually pay for home contractor stuff with checks, but this thread makes me think I should make a point of asking.
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