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  1. Taunton Mall hero's home in foreclosure

    donation sent!
  2. Checking pistol sights

    These are short money on amazon.
  3. Considering career as federal LEO...Border patrol?

    Honestly no one wants to be a cop anymore and stepping stones are not as needed as before. If your from mass lots of local pd's need good people looking to do the job. Pm me if your looking for some local leads.
  4. ATV Use/Sales tax and registration in MA for private property use?

    So the atv riders on the highway have really screwed up thing for good people. Driving an unregistered 4 wheeler on a public road is now arrestable. That being said I have never seen an epo bother someone halling firewood on their own land. ymmv...
  5. Pepper spray expiration

    I have seen ten plus year expired spray used in the academy setting. Shit still hurts and works. That being said its cheap enough to replace every few years. I have also seen a cans with serious indentations from rubbing against the inside of a button on a leather duty case. So once again...
  6. Franklin/Medway Club Options?

    Hopkinton is my vote.
  7. Need barrel threaded without disassembly

    Gfa arms is open for business! Confirmed with the owner. Great guy with a great shop.
  8. Need barrel threaded without disassembly

    try greg at gfa arms in Natick.
  9. WTS Beretta 92 Trades added!

    Looking to sell my beretta 92 9mm. Low round count and some snazzy wood grips. 1 15 round mag that I was told was a preban. I dont know how to tell on them. I have the box and a kydex holster. Asking 450 Ftf via fa10. Open to a few trades... 20 gauge mossberg 500, clean sks, 10/22 non...
  10. If not an AR what would you get

    Su16 B has been a solid performer if I wanted ar mags. Love my m1a though.
  11. Active Shooter Gilroy Ca Garlic Festival

    Watching updates on you tube. Possibly 60 injured, 2 shooters View:
  12. Woman's Input: Holster for Pocketbook carry?

    Look no further than the crossbreed purse defender!
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