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  1. Snowed in Gardner/Ashburnham

    glad you're out, CatSnoutSoup!
  2. Buffalo Wild Wings worker dies in Burlington

    Very sad. On Friday, Burlington Fire officials identified him as 32-year-old Ryan Baldera. Co-workers and friends tell Boston 25 News Baldera was a new dad to a baby boy and got married last year.
  3. Halloween postponed?

    Happy Halloween! (hope i don't get banned)
  4. LTC Renewal in Lexington - called for an in-person meeting

    fwiw, Boston does prints/pic when renewing.
  5. Court Rules Seven-Year-Old Boy Can Transition To Female Against Father's Wishes

    Poor kid. That's all i've got. :(
  6. Some questions about Boston Unrestricted LTC

    Tons of good info for the OP in this thread. I'll add my humble advice for him to avoid the train wreck he's heading towards. 1. take a photo of your G17. 2. post the gun in the NES Karma section.
  7. ABC News Uses Knob Creek Range Footage In Place Real World Footage

    This guy swears he was there & the vid is real.
  8. Simple Truths

    live contented (inscribed on our wedding rings many, many moons ago)
  9. Boston Dining and Drinking Thread

    224? Thought they were closed. 20+ years ago, my wife & I were there once a week . Going to head down soon. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Fudd Conversions on 2A

  11. Newest addition to the house...OTTO the pup @ 9 weeks

    Cool pup. Good luck, Rat187.
  12. Pet euthanasia at home

    Sorry for your loss, tommygun. Always a sad time.
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