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  1. Anyone have any deer hunting tips with this deep snow?

    I always find snowshoes a pain in the ass in thick woods
  2. Deer skin on or off for aging 5-7 days?

    Never really saw the need to age. Usually a day or two and I have it cut up. As others said clean it out good in the field. Don’t let it freeze up or it is a bitch to skin out. Take your time skinning and get somebody to help much easier with 2 people and try to keep hair off the meat. Also if...
  3. More "electrical" questions , getting power to parts of the yard.

    Ya way to far I would have to charge at least 10k to wire a shed I don’t like going east of 495 :)
  4. More "electrical" questions , getting power to parts of the yard.

    Where are you located ?
  5. Gun season opener weather forecast is shaping up to be insanely perfect.

    Went out for the last couple hours and still hunted no tracks knee deep snow In some spots. Quiet walking
  6. Gun season opener weather forecast is shaping up to be insanely perfect.

    22” on the ground here in Warren trudging Thur the back yard to rack the roof and slide with the kids was a chore. Probably going to wait till Saturday to get out there. Hopefully it doesn’t get crunchy.
  7. Snow 2019 - 2020

    I ended up with another 10” in Warren Ma last night. This am was worse then yesterday still coming down here
  8. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    Hunted hard for 7 days in the big Adirondack woods. Only saw 3 deer this being one of them.
  9. 1st True Hunting Experience

    You are mistaken Season is open It runs to Feb 28 Know your regs:D
  10. Home Defense Gear - Some Questions

    Exactly I love being able to check my camera while laying in bed if I see a motion light going on or here something
  11. NYS success

    Headed to 5H Friday in the Adirondacks with my 308. Will be happy if I see one buck in the week I am there
  12. Home Defense Gear - Some Questions

    Home defense should also include a good alarm system motion lights cameras and strong doors and locks. Idea is keep them out
  13. NY Deer Hunter Killed

    NY doesn’t require orange in northern zone I will wear a orange hat when moving around. I usually only see guys in my hunting party and none of them shoot at sound or anything else stupid. Safety fundamentals ID your target if I can’t clearly make out the deer no shot or if it’s not in a safe...
  14. Wood Boiler - Advice Needed

    Don’t have any personal experience but seems like everybody has the central boiler e classic model seems popular. There is a dealer in Oakham ma he delivers to NH. A co worker in Rindge just put one in he said he was into it for 20 k and he did a lot of work himself.
  15. Wedding DJ Question

    A band is the way to go most DJ’s at weddings I have been to suck
  16. Grouse in Mass...?

    I have seen a few in central mass but not like when I was a kid 30 years ago
  17. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    Freezer filler first ever archery deer On to bucks next week in Northern zone NY
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