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  1. The Mandalorian - Spoilers inside I'm sure...

    I **kinda** agree, but if you look back to early TV (think the Lone Ranger series, The Rat Patrol, etc) the episodes were common characters but a window of time into their adventure of the day with whomever it was generally heading in a certain direction. Mandalorian seems to be following this...
  2. Show me your watches. :)

    Someone selling an Omega Speedmaster?
  3. Dental Recommendation South Shore

    Dr. Matthew Finkelstein at Cobb Corner Dental on the Stoughton/Sharon line. Top notch and "not your average dentist". Tell him Nick D sent you.
  4. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    How many burgers has McDonald's sold?
  5. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    In general - yes. But every once in a while a gem sneaks through, and by gem I mean Joker.
  6. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    The Irishman is to Goodfellas as The Force Awakens is to Star Wars. The story is a 3.5 hour retelling of Goodfellas but seems ridiculous and almost comical in comparison. Just like TFA, there are scenes you knew you have seen before but they are uncanny valley different and the dialogue was...
  7. The Mandalorian - Spoilers inside I'm sure...

    I also don't like this part of an otherwise well written story. It isn't like Mandalorians can or won't ever take their helmets off - plenty of Mando characters from The Clone Wars removed their helmets or walked around with them off on the reg. Having to always wear a helmet no matter what...
  8. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    Are you doing any of the NEMBA MA/NH turkey rides? There is one on Thanksgiving day and another (Turkey Burner?) on Dec 1. I'll be at both as long as the roads aren't salted. Once that happens I'm done until after April 15th.
  9. The Mandalorian - Spoilers inside I'm sure...

    The Manadlorian is pretty damn impressive for a half hour TV type series. Not perfectly clean writing, but super fun to watch and just looks...Star Wars-y!! Far better tone, writing and feel than the recent crop of woke sequels.
  10. Chief Shipley Stolen Valor Channel Removed from YouTube for Truth

    To me Shipley always came off as arrogant in the Youtube vids I saw. More of a "this is my party, not yours" approach to calling out the wanna be's. There are far better anti stolen valor videos to watch that don't come with a heavy handed serving of cocky attitude.
  11. Buick GRAN NATIONAL.

    Black GN but there was also someone with a turbo Regal that I want to say was two tone silver.
  12. Buick GRAN NATIONAL.

    "Back in the day" there were a group of us who all had 5.0 Mustangs. We hung around in the parking lot of the Burger King in Reading and raced up and down Main Street. There was a joke that one of us (I forget his name) had 12,000 miles on his car added 1/4 mile at a time. One kid had a 350...
  13. Are War Movies Taboo Now?

    It's true. View:
  14. Are War Movies Taboo Now?

    You're overthinking it - there are plenty of war movies. Actually it's been a very good time to be a war movie fan. Dunkirk Band of Brothers The Pacific Fury Saving Private Ryan The Hurt Locker They Shall Not Grow Old Zero Dark Thirty Unbroken Flags of our Fathers None of these have a long...
  15. Workers at 4 Watertown Spas Arrested on Sex Charges in Sting

    Prostitution should be legal and regulated. Lots of problems solved right there.
  16. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    You're someone's dream come true. Good luck. HA HA!!
  17. Suggestions for a tax lawyer in southern NH

    First stop should be a CPA experienced with such things, preferably the CPA who has been preparing your tax returns during the period open by the statute of limitations. No CPA? Then a tax attorney will likely be your best bet. Any CPA willing to pick up the stress, risk and burden of a...
  18. wilmington mass this weekend

    Took the kids and walked in with the idea that everything was going to be at convenience price, which it was. S&W 1911 $899, regular price $815 at Four Seasons any day of the week with no admission fee. So what? Lots more militaria and antique guns at this show than I remember from prior...
  19. wilmington mass this weekend

    What is it about gun shops and motorcycle shops?
  20. wilmington mass this weekend

    I'm going. My kid and his buddy like to look around especially more now that he is starting to collect military helmets (anyone got a Korean War M1 liner for sale??) so it's Dad/Son time for me. Worth the $12 to spend time away from the XBox.
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