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  1. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    As Curly, in City Slickers
  2. single action revolvers

    I have SA and DA, but if I could only have one, no question it would be my 4" 686.
  3. Corvette takes on the sand dunes!

    That guy's an F'N IDIOT!
  4. Lying Pocahontas On The Trail Again

    All it really is,is Lizzy saying "hey eveyone, look at me!!" .
  5. Scientists Admit Flawed Experiment May Have Created ‘Super Mosquitoes’

    Great! What's next...f'n flying spiders?
  6. Built to Travel Colt 1911

    A beauty, as usual.
  7. The Florida man challenge

    Florida Man tries to pay for fast food with bag of weed. Sounds legit...
  8. 1st True Hunting Experience

    As it should be!
  9. 1st True Hunting Experience

    You or the bird?
  10. 1st True Hunting Experience

    I find that technique works best on birds that are already dead.
  11. Grouse in Mass...?

    I have some in my freezer...
  12. Bullseye equipment

    Build the box as a unit, then cut the lid off. If you cut dadoes in the sides for your shelves to slide in, remember to mark top and bottom on the outside, or you may end up with your cuts wrong way around. Ask me how I know this!
  13. Grouse in Mass...?

    I flushed one on Cape Ann a few years ago while hiking.
  14. USPS envelope went to Hawaii instead of Missouri?

    I have a buddy who is a pilot for UPS. When he has to send any paperwork to their headquarters, it goes Fedex.
  15. Wife's emotional affair?

    I once went to couples counseling alone, similar distrust issues. The guy gave me the best advice I've ever gotten. He told me "It's over, move on, you're a hot property, get back out there." I did, I was, best thing I ever did. But I'm me, you are you. Good luck to you.
  16. Gunsmith recommendation

    This +1
  17. Kick ass dogs?

    Z (E Z Ryder) Ever vigilant. Gone now, but a damn good dog.
  18. Iran Hit By 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake

    Why hold back? I'd go for 11.
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