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  1. Video - UPS Hijacking, shootout with police in Florida

    When they indiscriminately shoot at bad guys in the middle of a traffic jam it deters single occupancy vehicle travel on highways. This both reduces traffic and lowers the carbon footprint. The overall effect is beneficial to public transportation and the environment. [smile]
  2. NYPD's own Smollett Not police hating at all, but I have to raise the flag here. [bs2]
  3. College essay - updated, see post #58

  4. An Illustrated First-Person Guide to the C.I.A.’s Torture Program

    If the data posted is accurate then the remaining detainees should be released immediately. If they haven't, or can't be convicted of a crime by a military tribunal they should be released to the authorities of the countries where they were captured if the authorities have any interest in them...
  5. Teachers Gone Wild MEGA THREAD

  6. Illinois: Let's destroy the 1st Amendment as we trample on the 2nd...

    Dude! Where have you been for the past 6 months?
  7. 'Throne Down': Over 60 Latin King Gang Members Arrested in Mass.

    By who? WPD's gang unit sure thinks there are.
  8. College essay - updated, see post #58

    Since this is a philosophy class, and thereby a class which should embrace logic and critical thinking: if guns are bad, why should the police and military have them? Are police and military inherently and infallibly good? Are guns in possession of police and military good? Are police and...
  9. Sue happy Transgender woman might be going to prison post 92

    Looking to get AFLACed with the duck bill maybe.
  10. Zimmerman SUES Trayvon Martin's family and Florida prosecutors for $100MIL, claiming they engineered false evidence in his homicide trial for shooting

    Zimmerman went looking for a fight and got more then he could handle. When his well deserved ass kicking went too far he was justified in responding with deadly force.
  11. Girls says her cop-dad is a pig and a camera wh**e

    Looks pretty smashworthy in the first photo, but I get the feeling she doesn't look like that anymore. Guarantee she would go straight to pops when she needs a handout, or this MF'ing is due to his refusal.
  12. Zimmerman SUES Trayvon Martin's family and Florida prosecutors for $100MIL, claiming they engineered false evidence in his homicide trial for shooting

    Magic 8 ball says: "If not dismissed with prejudice, settled for an undisclosed sum (some figure not far from a grape soda and a packet of Skittles)."
  13. Woman kidnapped from Dollar General parking lot after letting ‘homeless’ couple into her car

    My wife says "you can't judge a person by their appearance". Yeah you can, and pretty accurately too.
  14. checking reciepts at wal mart

    I get that, and I do not give them any disrespect, but there is no legal basis for them to demand a review of your receipt that I am aware of. If there is any belief that a customer engaged in shoplifting based on an employee's first hand observation of a customer secreting merchandise and...
  15. checking reciepts at wal mart

    I walk past them. When asked I've said "no", or held it out but not for their inspection. This is not my legal opinion, but once the transaction was completed the items purchased became my property and I do not subject myself to an inspection of my personal property when leaving a store...
  16. Wisconsin: Student brings gun to school, school officer handles him.

    ***Summary of events*** Dude has gun. Officer tries to talk him down. Dude points gun at officer. Officer shoots dude, but not fatal. Dude fails at planned suicide by cop. Media fails at getting another mass casualty event.
  17. Dictionary & Encyclopedia Recommendations

    Does the recipient have any particular vocational inclination? (What does the person do or interested in doing?) If law or medical, I am sure the choices are easy. Black's Law Dictionary, for example, has gift grade versions, however, if this is for a student entering school for a chosen field...
  18. The transgender movement’s message for girls: Your privacy concerns are bigotry

    Moonlights as a sound technician/boom operator
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