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  1. WTS Dillon Square Deal 45 Package *PRICE DROP WTT for 10/22

    Up for sale Is my Dillon square deal press set up for .45acp. Comes with about 20 lbs of .45 brass some cleaned some dirty, 1k lg pistol primers about 900 small pistol primers, 15 lbs of 9mm brass, some powder. The press needs a small clip for the spent primer cup, and a cover for the primer...
  2. WTS Pre Healy Bushmaster

    bump interested in other tube Amps as well!
  3. WTS Pre Healy Bushmaster

  4. Guitar Thread? Guitar Thread

    Just sold one of my ARs to buy this beauty... already looking for #2. Been on my wish list for decades 2006 Gibson’s SG standard
  5. sheriff shot in maine

    There ya go....
  6. AG wins her gun ban

    You won’t be surprised to find out my Wife is Russian then. Her grandfather was a “converted” German who wound up in Siberia after WW2. She’s the most brutally honest, non manipulative person I’ve ever met in my life, she has her LTC and “inherited” my CZ82 and my G43. She manages me and my two...
  7. AG wins her gun ban

    Ya you’re probably right I’m behind the propaganda curtain. Hard to have a positive outlook when everything I enjoy doing is under attack (Fishing, hunting, guns, or anything else fun) yeah it’s not that easy, I don’t have an employer and neither my kids or my wife would ask that of me.... what...
  8. What’s next ?

    If they could ban them so easily they would be banned already.. makes sense she accomplished a goal, no ARs in gunshops and citizens are scared to sell,transfer or even take Killy rifles out of the house. She didn’t pass any laws or break any laws, she’s skirted it becoming an actual court case...
  9. AG wins her gun ban

    This cancer is spreading and will be nation wide within the next 2 election cycles. Sorry kids Arerica as we knew it and loved is dead. No letter or law will get my to turn in my property. I own a boat and a shovel. This may not be the time for go time, but it’s coming... I’m settled...
  10. Will the coming Great Recession/Depression damper the antis?

    I think the master plan is to disarm BEFORE the collapse.... we need to make sure that doesn’t happen... as it’s been said here before. I’f we see some sort of collapse it will only embolden those in power to take more freedoms from us... you know, for our safety...
  11. Palmetto State Armory; wow...

    PSA, BCM and others are dead to me. Even when I move I’ll make it a point to not buy anything from them.
  12. Retired MA State Trooper "accidentally" fires gun in tavern

    The verbiage changed on the times article. It was first published as a negligent discharge, until itncsme to light it was a retired LEO.... and then the headline read “gun goes off” Unreal
  13. Just My 2 Cents About Ads

    That 10/22 had no location listed, just sayin... I have an AR listed, I’m asking stupid money for it, because everyone else is asking stupid money for there’s and I base my selling price on what it would cost to replace it... I’m open to offers, don’t like it? Scroll on by I paid for my...
  14. Fa-10 a pre 7/20 lower?

    I was thinking in terms of selling it..... for the right number I’d dump all my ARs, mags and ammo, buy another M1A and bide my time till I can leave this god forsaken commiewealth. I’m with you, my lowers are all “incapable of firing a shot” ;) so I guess my procrastination on finishing and...
  15. Fa-10 a pre 7/20 lower?

    Got it, thanks. I’ll just go by the letter of the law then
  16. Fa-10 a pre 7/20 lower?

    Interesting I missed this, is there a way to get a duplicate 4473 for years ago If the copy was destroyed some how?
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