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  1. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Bring it on then. Either way we're going to need the Supreme court to rule on this one way or the other. Otherwise it's just a game of whack-a-mole.
  2. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    The role of fathers have been greatly poo pooed in today's society. along with stay at home mom's.
  3. Question on Sig 365

    The first 365s had problems with striker dragging on primers. They went through a couple of striker design updates until they "cracked the code" on that problem. Also those same "run" of 365s had other issues with the trigger springs and other mechanisms braking. Sig fixed those issues probably...
  4. Windham Weaponry is closing

    I think they got bought out during the auction. Not sure of all the details but I believe that's what I read.
  5. California is horrible.

    Welcome to the blue states of America. Unless the voters throw out their legislators wholecloth this is just going to continue. Heaven forbid you should defend yourself from these people.
  6. Glock frame

    Nope. Everyone lives with the risk their willing to take.
  7. Glock frame

    I try to stick with 10 rnd mags. To me standard cap mags are whatever the gun was originally designed for. we all have a different level of risk were willing to live with.
  8. Glock frame

    You can chase these laws around forever. Just make sure your LTC is valid. And you're not carrying standard cap mags. That's as much pants shitting as I can do. Pants are expensive.
  9. Talk me out of FN 509 Tactical.

    If you like it then buy it. If you need a reason to justify it in your mind than go with it's a different caliber just because.
  10. How can Jews witness the death of millions and love gun control?

    The Republicans are not "our side" They are not good. They are better. Just like getting hit in the knee with a bat is better than getting shot in the head. Neither one is good. Just better. Politicians are "not our guys" their lying scumbag two faced human garbage. and that's an insult to human...
  11. How can Jews witness the death of millions and love gun control?

    Its difficult to comprehend the thinking of apparently a lot of people. I've said this before on this forum. I couldn't understand how when Trump was president all the lefty's did was call him Hitler. Which is what they do to every Republican. Then in the same breath turn around and demand an...
  12. Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chrono showing some interesting MV's this weekend.

    That seems about right. When ammo companies (or any other company for that matter) are putting out their numbers they are under optimal, ideal conditions. Nobody is going to come out and say "buy our stuff. It's not bad." I also ass-u-me that I'm being lied too or the claim is exaggerated.
  13. 9mm magazine fed lever gun

    Honest Outlaw did a review on one and it didn't go well.
  14. Converting a Sig 365XL to 365X-Macro

    Yea that's pretty much me in a nutshell.
  15. Converting a Sig 365XL to 365X-Macro

    This sounds like the math my 14yr old daughter was explaining to me the other day. She called it girl math. If I buy a 365xl. Then buy a case of ammo. Then a ton of wood pellets. To keep the house warm so the wife doesn't bitch. Put it on one credit card then make a minimum payment. Around $50...
  16. California is horrible.

    I hate to say this but it's what the people of California want. They keep voting for it over and over again. There happy with it and want more of it.
  17. Who is your enemy?

    Really? I thought we were starting the overthrow next Monday. I wish someone would have said something to me. I took the day off.
  18. Paul Harrell says PSA is better than S&W

    I can only go by my experience with the few models that I had or have. Never had a major issue with any of them.
  19. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    It's taking everything in my power to not order anything right now. My bigger priority is paying off bills right now. I hope this doesn't become like the last shortage were I bought three cases of steel case ammo for 30c a round and it turned out to be a good move as much as I regretted pulling...
  20. California's "High Capacity" Magazine Ban Overturned!

    How long does this appeal take before the court takes it up.
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