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  1. 10mm recommendations

    Well…. Just picked up the 510 today. Hoping to shoot soon and give it a good once over at the range
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  3. EFA 10 receipt

    so just an update for everyone…. I called the FRB with my ticket number and she emailed me the receipt within 5 minutes of the phone call. Surprisingly super helpful and easy to work with.
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  6. EFA 10 receipt

    Hey all, So I did a personal transfer and accidentally clicked the wrong button to print out the paperwork. All I got was the receipt number. Is there a way to get the full efa10 document? Thanks!
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  9. Machine gun license

    Asking for clarification…. When applying for the MGL do you surrender your regular LTC if you’re not approved or how does that work?
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    Bump. Hit me with your offers
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  12. 10mm recommendations

    Probably, but I lost all of them
  13. 10mm recommendations

    For sure. I had a gen 4 20 and it was great. Would like to get back in the 10mm game
  14. 10mm recommendations

    Hey all, Looking for your input on a couple of 10mm I have my eye on. I’m interested in the Glock 20 gen5, FN 510 tac, and the S&W performance center 10mm. Anyone have any real world experience with any of these models? Will be used as a woods gun and possibly in a chest rig during hikes...
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  17. Smith performance center 10mm

    Let me know what you have. Would like to trade either a Glock 19 or 47 for it.
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