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  1. Article: Carrying her gun to Wells Fargo got her fired

    I agree with the others. As much as I think this is BS, private entities can set whatever rules they so desire. If the bank ever received government bailout money, she could argue that it is an extension of the government and must must abide by the Constitution. A far stretch, but possible.
  2. NH & Shooting on Private Property

    Reason #10 why I'm moving to NH :)
  3. Bag Search on Public Property

    But how can they refuse the service of the T for not consenting to a search? It's a public service, can they do that? Surprisingly, MGL allows the carry of a firearm on university property with the written consent of the person in charge of security there. Not surprisingly, Suffolk denied my...
  4. Bag Search on Public Property

    Hey guys I did some searching around here and on the internet but haven't come up with a solid answer. I know that the Constitution does not apply to private entities. So if I want to search you coming onto my property, I'm not violating a 4th Amendment right. And if a restaurant wants to...
  5. All 5 MA Dem Gov candidates oppose death penalty for speed bumps brother

    I lol'd in class at the thread title. Pretty sad that people actually want him to live. I had this conversation with a family friend who is against the death penalty. So he can get a sex change, education, food, and shelter on our dime... I say he gets handcuffed and released in the street.
  6. .308 AR's

    I don't have one that takes a G3 mag, but I have a Sig 716 and I LOVE it. Kicks like a mule, but goes bang every time. Pure sex. 308, piston driven, 16" barrel, Magpul furniture. Takes SR25 mags (Magpul makes 20rnd PMags). Not sure if you can get SR25 mags preban, never checked.
  7. Northeast Arms LLC - Peabody MA

    I HATE waiting! [angry]
  8. Precision Point Firearms, Woburn, MA

    i saw, but I wanted to give Precision Point another thread because of the great service. I want to give them as much positive attention that I can because they definitely deserve it. heck yes. I read nothing but great reviews for Johnny and now I know why
  9. Transfer Fees - List of Dealers Charges

    +1 verified last week
  10. Precision Point Firearms, Woburn, MA

    Hi guys, I'm not on here much but I wanted to share the information for anyone that is looking for an awesome shop in the north shore area. Since I'm pressed for time, like always, I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and probably full of grammatical errors. Not only did Johnny answer my...
  11. Northeast Arms LLC - Peabody MA

    Very excited for the new shop, sir. School and work permitting, I'll definitely be there for your grand opening to celebrate and congratulate. Can't wait to have a TRUSTWORTHY, FRIENDLY, PRO-CONSTITUTION LGS so close to home!
  12. Pre-ban High Cap Mags in city of Boston?

    Section 2m (m) have in any such park or place, except a boundary road or parkway on which there are dwellings, any firearm or destructive weapon; or
  13. Pre-ban High Cap Mags in city of Boston?

    Firearms are expressly prohibited in the Common. As are skateboards. You also cannot stand on a bench. Let freedom ring, gentlemen.
  14. Crossing boarders with your firearm.

    That's my understating. Without an NH P&R Permit, the firearm must be unloaded in a vehicle. If I am not mistaken, no requirements are set for whether it has to be visible or concealed. But open carry is permitted as long as you're 21? years old. At least I hope that's the law - because those...
  15. Asshats Like This Make Us All Look Bad

    I traded cars with my girlfriend so right now I'm rocking a NJ plate registered to a cutie with a booty in southern NJ :). Although one time I got a speeding ticket reduced to a warning by telling the cop I was carrying. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  16. Green membership Karma

    In! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  17. MRAP spotted in willimantic CT today...

    +1. That's where I grew up, glad to be gone Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
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