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  1. Fort Knox, KY, 1,000 yard .50 Cal Match

    Folks, I have done the RECON of Fort Knox's Scotts Mountain 1,000 yard range. It is a small range tucked away on top of the mountain. It is a 10 position shooting range with pitts. I can safely say that it will support a 40 gun entry. I will try to get an extra relay or two squeezed in if...
  2. Fort Dix, NJ .50 cal

    We would be most honered to have your assistance! Please feel free to contact me via email or phone or by join our forums. Nick [email protected]
  3. Fort Dix, NJ .50 cal

    Folks, I recieved a phone call from Fort Dix, NJ today. We have been signed off on. Which means we now have the go ahead for a 500 yard match at Fort Dix. I will keep you folks posted as this unfolds and we get our Commanders license and dates. Nick
  4. Fort Dix, NJ .50 cal

    Actually the range I have requested is not in heavy demand. Mob will not be an issue according to the present and past demand of the 600 yard range. Nick
  5. Fort Dix, NJ .50 cal

    It is not the 200 yard range, it is the one with the pull targets we are working on getting. Nick
  6. Fort Dix, NJ .50 cal

    Fort Dix, After lengthy discussions and meetings with personnel at Fort Dix here is where we are. 1st response..........NO 2nd response..........Hell No 3rd response...........Sorry, but NO 4th response...........We do not allow civilians here 5th response......after reading them from...
  7. NCSA range development

    More information as Follows. First Contact has been made at Fort Drum, NY I have the powers to be asking if soldjers would be welcome to shoot with us. The answer.......OF Course! They have a 500 yard range available with electronic scoring. This is not a 1,000 yards but it is a place to...
  8. NCSA range development

    Now that Camp Perry is a done deal we are expanding our scope of operations. I have been in contact with 3 military bases and I am working on the details to get us into the following bases. Fort McCoy, WI Fort Knox, KY and Fort Hood, TX Folks who are interested in getting onboard with us...
  9. Camp Perry successfully completed!

    spotters we use a 3" disk with a 7/16 hole in the center and use a 7/16 pllastic tube for the spindle. And they get hit alot from our guys! lol Our website and forums are up as well. You folks are welcome to come take a peak at the Camp Perry pictures and scores. The pop-up match date is...
  10. Camp Perry successfully completed!

    We had 25 Competitors from 7 states present for the first .50 Cal match at Camp Perry. The weather was GREAT. The excitement from the first time 1,000 yard shooters was easy to be seen as well as some of the old mossy horn shooters from PA. Match stats are posted on our website. Camp Perry...
  11. Camp Perry, 1,000 yard .50 cal Match

    I would like to thank the folks here for the membership and being able to post here. Our website should be up within 48 hrs or so. We will be hosting a 1,000 yard .50 caliber BMG rifle match September 12-14, 2007 at Camp Perry Located near Port Clinton. OH So if...
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