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  1. Lever guns

    To each their own, but that looks like some post apocalyptic gun put together by harvesting parts from several different guns
  2. A day that will live in infamy

    I'm completely convinced the hatred for America super accelerated with Obama getting into office The left has ruined most of society
  3. A day that will live in infamy

    That's awful.
  4. A day that will live in infamy

    Sad the yoots are really being taught. I had to teach my kids about ww2
  5. Woman Shot In Butt After Sliding Into MRI Machine With Loaded Firearm

    Wrong Sir- 9mm are specifically designed to blow the lung out
  6. With ‘conversion switch’ devices, machine guns return to U.S. streets

    This first time I saw this was back in the Barry Hussien error. The libtards loved it then
  7. Marlin Model 7000

    Looks nearly identical to an old model 60 I have
  8. Which piston carbine would you purchase?

    Anything under $5700?
  9. Last day to comment on new “dealer definition” rule

    Is Fed Ex-ing poop helpful?
  10. With ‘conversion switch’ devices, machine guns return to U.S. streets

    Hood problems- a result of decades of left wing rule
  11. FBI Conducts Record Number Of Background Checks On Black Friday As Gun Demand Surges

    Unfortunately a percentage was from leftist BLM marxist types
  12. RI Police Chase Nets Guns, Ammo & Over 100 Mags

    Yes it is. Run to the hills!
  13. Car Carrying Ammo Crashes & Catches Fire, Shuts Down All Lanes On I-93 In NH

    I'm pretty sure NH changed Live Free or Die to "Live Free".
  14. Three H-47 Chinook helicopters over Medfield at 10:15 AM today

    On the hunt for Reptile
  15. The scary thing is that these people are allowed to vote.

    NH ME and VT have been soiled anti individualist left wing lemmings.
  16. POLL - EDC Light Method

    I use my eight spider eyes and sense of smell for target acquisition
  17. Federal appeals court strikes Maryland handgun rule

    "Look ready to invade Poland"
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