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  1. Machineguns in Massachusetts

    Giffords link, seriously?
  2. Judge Rules Federal Ban on Guns With Removed Serial Numbers Is Unconstitutional

    “Text, history, and tradition” - the new standard by which gun laws are judged. Put simply, when judging a modern law if there’s no history of a similar law before 1868, then the modern law is unconstitutional.
  3. Judge Rules Federal Ban on Guns With Removed Serial Numbers Is Unconstitutional

    I’m pleasantly surprised these judges can read.
  4. Moving within Massachusetts what should I expect.

    A couple weeks after you mail it you can check whether the state FRB updated their database with your new address. Do a license validation on MIRCS at It will create a PDF that shows you what address the...
  5. The RAT list has increased

    Stores like this, even after the courts say FID/LTC to own guns is unconstitutional, will still demand them from customers and wonder why nobody is buying. Or they’ll want to call your police chief before selling you a 22. Fuuuuuuddddddddddssssssss.
  6. Supreme court case against MA on guns

    Im going to take a different direction from everyone else and agree with (most) of your post. When I first bought a gun I was not a commiewealth resident. I walked into a gun store and bought a model of gun I’d fired before with friends and brought it home. I read the owners manual before...
  7. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Both Illinois and Maryland CCWs require about two days of classes. I don’t know the exact number of hours but it’s in the 18 ballpark.
  8. Supreme court case against MA on guns

    Fox made it sound like LTCs were ruled unconstitutional and we all got our rights back. It was very misleadingly written.
  9. Supreme court case against MA on guns

    The Morin case as it was originally filed had to do with the law preventing anyone convicted of a gun crime that has a potential prison sentence from getting an LTC. I’ll ignore the whole FID, PTP stuff it devolved into. That law is still in effect until the First Circuit comes to their senses...
  10. Rifle Transportation

    That’s why I always keep a soft case and a lock for it in my car. Never know when I’ll suddenly need to transport a large capacity rifle.
  11. Mexico Sues US Gun Manufacturers

    A judge in federal district court in Boston actually making a pro gun decision? And upholding PLCAA? I shouldn’t be surprised when they do the right thing but I am.
  12. Boston globe Mill article

    If I may help translate, he is inviting you to look around at other places. Not that you have to move. I enjoy talking to gun owners in other states and they are busy discussing whether the Chilis or Applebees parking lot is better for purchasing guns without showing ID. They are carrying...
  13. Texas signs

    Due to supply chain challenges and inflation, a hi point now costs 2 hi points. Thank you for your understanding.
  14. Texas signs

    Ah yes, $200, surely it would ruin my day to lose $200.
  15. please delete this question, thank you

    Definitely not a Littleton Karen, account is from March and they weren’t into hating guns yet, back then they were still waving Eastern European flags they had just learned about. The phone call is coming from inside the house, on this one.
  16. NJ to MA transplant

    Goes to the most risk averse stores in the state. Wonders why they don’t have the state government’s most hated gun. Has no idea what lawfare or FUD or chilling effects are, despite being an AK owner in frigging Jersey. I mean, if he came from Indiana I could understand his confusion but NJ...
  17. NJ to MA transplant

    The answer has been given to you. It’s a niche. To buy in stores you have to get something made before 1994. It’ll be expensive. It exists in Littleton and other towns though. ZPAP is going to be a challenge because they were not made before 1994. Mitchell Yugos were, get one of those maybe? Or...
  18. NJ to MA transplant

    What happened? I answered your mag questions and that was a polite discussion. If you really like AKs you chose possibly the worst state.
  19. What is an "assault weapon"?

    So what you’re saying is, my decision to stay “in the closet” with regard to guns when talking to my CA progressive coworkers was a smart choice. 😂 Yeah, the basic idea is that guns are haram unless the government uses them to advance their agenda, then they are halal.
  20. What is an "assault weapon"?

    I sort of agree with this progressive, actually. What good is it for you to spend an hour educating someone so they can say “alright what I actually want is all semi autos with detachable mags and pistol grips banned”? That’s conceding the point that certain guns are just too dangerous for...
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