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    Bump. Open to trades.
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    Sold please delete
  9. WTS 18.5” Benelli m2 barrel

    Looking to sell my 18.5” benelli m2 barrel. $300 or trade toward 22 mag lever gun, marlin model 60 (squirrel stock preferred but not required), or trij rmr. Located in South Hadley Mass.
  10. Crossbow for yotes?

    Thanks that's what I figured.
  11. Crossbow for yotes?

    Anyone have a clue on whether or not it's legal to use a crossbow on yotes in Mass? Asking for a friend who owns one but no guns.
  12. Eotech Holo sights?

    Pupchow, I'm in western mass and use it for yote hunting, your welcome to check mine out its the xps2 with magnifier and I have another xps2 with NV compatibility.
  13. Where do you put your nightstand gun when your at work?

    Neither does a soft-sided zipper locked gun cases or a glass front locking cabinet but they're gtg.[rofl] it's not about safety it's about control, same as every bit of gun control.
  14. Renewal times

    Less than 3 weeks in South Hadley
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