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  1. Schumer to Bring AWB to Senate Floor

    Well I guess if it passes the senate I might go put another rifle on the plastic.
  2. OWB Holster Recommendation?

    May I recommend keister carry?
  3. Which piston carbine would you purchase?

    I have an LWRC IC-A2 and I wish I went with an A5 for the adjustable gas block and longer rails. Otherwise it shoots well. And I think I only spent 2100 for it. I’ll likely buy an A5 upper and put the A2 on an Aero or something… or just buy a complete A5 I dunno. I also have an LMT MARS-L...
  4. POLL - EDC Light Method

    I'll have to look at what else came with it. there are some more parts but I was just in a rush to put it on everything first.
  5. POLL - EDC Light Method

    I’ve been putting surefire on everything. Just picked up an X300 now I need new holsters. Surprisingly upset with how much slop pistol pic rails vary in tolerances Fits well on my G19 Gen4 and Beretta 92 Vertec but super loose on my 10mm TRP
  6. Knights armament love

    Anything can be a bottle opener if you try hard enough.
  7. Knights armament love

    Rooftop is legit, got my LMT from them.
  8. Knights armament love

  9. New Acquisitions November 2023

  10. 2023 MA Gun Ban: House has engrossed H.4139, waiting on Senate

    Well isn’t that an outlandish claim… 🙄
  11. New Acquisitions November 2023

    Are you shooting subsonics? If not you’re in for a nice surprise
  12. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    A semi auto with tube capacity over 5 and a regular rifle/shotgun stock is not an AW A semi auto with pistol grip and tube capacity less than 5 is not an AW It’s a feature test. Since you seem to do so well googling your own questions…
  13. Nightmare Dealers

    Called out the price and went with a Ruger for half the price…. Okay skinflint. You just don’t love your woman enough.
  14. Tax stamp / Suppressor wait times

    I let you know once mine clears. Clock started 11/13 for my second, and my first was about 9 months
  15. ATF Form 4 thread. Process and approvals!

    Submitted an eForm 4 Trust for the RC2 yesterday… Here’s hoping I get a gift from the process gods and its sub-100days.
  16. Ridgeline 2024

    You could always ask the teacher to swap… What are they gonna do, say no?
  17. Ridgeline 2024

    Gonna be a hell of a party.
  18. Ridgeline 2024

    I’m now officially on the July list.
  19. Best optic for 300 black

    Just run a dot.
  20. Christmas Story Red Ryders

    I bought one last week for my kid but as he’s just a newborn he won’t be using it for a while.
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