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  1. ATF Director calls for AWB, UBCs; laments lack of registry, emphasis on individual rights

    Dettelbach spoke at Harvard on 11/1/2023. ATF Director Calls for Universal Background Checks, Assault Weapons Ban at Harvard IOP Forum | News | The Harvard Crimson He equated suicides and gang violence to the mass shooting in Lewiston, presumably for effect.
  2. ATF Proposed Rule Change for Frames and Receivers

    Per the order, the case is to be "remanded to the district court."
  3. ATF Proposed Rule Change for Frames and Receivers

    How about as of today? The 5th Circuit has struck down ATF 2021R-05 in VanDerStok v. Garland but, per SCOTUS, stayed the ruling, keeping ATF 2021R-05 in effect until the case is resolved. The FPC will put an update here: VanDerStok v. Garland - FPC Lawsuit Challenging the ATF's "Frame or...
  4. ATF Federal Brace Injunction

    For clarity: Britto v. ATF The US District Court for the Northern District of Texas granted a preliminary injunction against ATF 2021R-08 and stayed the rule "in its entirety." Federal Judge Blocks Nationwide Enforcement of...
  5. NH - Craig unveils gun safety platform

    So that is UBCs Ban possession of firearms in K-12 schools Repeal constitutional carry Require 3-day waiting period for firearm purchases ERPOs Ban sale of semi-automatic firearms Ban sale of standard-capacity magazines Ban building of "undetectable" firearms by individuals and require...
  6. Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun through airport

    Not checked either. It was carried on board the aircraft. Not being a firearm prohibitionist, I really don't care, but TSA missing it seems like just as relevant a story if travelers are to be sold on the security theatre routine. "...unlike in the United States where firearms are now the No. 1...
  7. Breaking: ATF has sized some of Larry Vickers' collection

    But think of all the lives that were saved by rolling up these guys for administrative violations.
  8. Breaking: ATF has sized some of Larry Vickers' collection

    There is an interesting thread on Arfcom about this. Allegedly, the ATF is seizing AK-12 kits/builds from purchasers and informing them they may face charges for violating the sanctions against Russia.
  9. PSA Gen3 AK issues shown in video

    I have read about the bolt/firing pin failures but not trunnion failures. As mentioned, most people don't put that many rounds through them.
  10. PSA Gen3 AK issues shown in video

    People who like the idea of AKs but don't want to pay real money for them. To their credit, at least KUSA stole their TDPs from Kalashnikov Concern, even if they have ruined their company through incompetence.
  11. PSA Gen3 AK issues shown in video

    Put in flat instead of swell-neck rivets in the bottom rivet holes of the trunnions? Chamfer what are supposed to be the straight upper rivet holes in the trunnions? Incorrectly design the bolts so the firing pins overextend?
  12. PSA Gen3 AK issues shown in video

    Important to note that, if the video is to be believed, this is how PSA still is riveting their Gen3s as of this month.
  13. PSA Gen3 AK issues shown in video

    Few probably don't already know about the problem with the bolt, but the YT guy clearly shows not only how the front trunnions are improperly riveted but also how the trunnions are improperly machined. Time-indexed: Interestingly, the chamfering on the top trunnion holes, which should not be...
  14. California's "High Capacity" Magazine Ban Overturned!

    Benitez also issued a 10-day stay. Bonta will appeal to the 9th, which will either find for the state in the panel or an en banc.
  15. Project Thor, the ATF, and Democrats' bill to ban .50 cal rifles, weaken the PLCAA, increase reporting by FFLs

    No, not the kinetic projectile program. This is the now-defunded effort by the ATF to disrupt weapons trafficking supply chains between the US and the Mexican cartels. In short, there is Republican interest in discovering the details of the ATF's defunding of the program, and the Democrats'...
  16. ATF allegedly bans import of UTM non-lethal ammo for non-LEA, use

    UTM sent a letter to its customers explaining the ban. "Stop right where you are! You know the score, pal! You're not a cop, you're little people."--Bryant
  17. AK not feeding

    I recommend posting on r/ak47/, AK Files, or the AK Forum where there is a good bit of AK-specific expertise.
  18. WBUR and firearm prohibition org The Trace collaborate on "The Gun Machine" podcast

    This should resonate with fans of The Trace, an online publication opposing non-fudd firearm ownership. Announcement from The Trace and audio link to E1 of the podcast: The Surprising Origin Story of America's Gun Industry Direct link: The Gun Machine Archives Boston NPR station WBUR link...
  19. Fear-mongering article on 3D-printed firearm parts on Staten Island

    Since the governor signed the Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act and the Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act into law in 2021, any un-serialized frames or receivers are illegal to possess. Kits and, from what I can tell, other parts cannot--or will not--be shipped to a New York State...
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