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  1. WaPo Mass Shooting Special Edition

    Why doesn't the WAPO identify the mass shooters by race????
  2. We hit 1/2 Billion Guns in 2023! gun under every blade of lets try for two!
  3. questions about tavor ts12 shotgun

    I had a TS12 and loved it. Never had any problem operating the 3 rotating magazines. Blasted thru about 600 rounds of everything (lite & heavy birdshot; buckshot; slugs) and it ate them all w/o any malfunction. Sturdily built fun gun to shoot, simple takedown, moderate recoil, and it puts out...

    Start another group buy?
  5. Revolver Guys: Would You Consider? What Caliber?

    There's nothing inherently wrong with Charter Arms.. I have had Colt, Smith, Ruger, Kimber and Charter Arms revolvers and the Charters (Bulldog 44 special and the ultra lightweight Off Duty 38) have been just as servicable as the others. Maybe not as pretty in some respects, but still decent...
  6. 1911 Which one?

    SIG Emperor Scorpion
  7. Winchester Ammo rebates

    I've been waiting for my Winchester rebate for more than 3 months. Almost seems like its a scam!
  8. Compilation: Founding Fathers Comments on the 2nd Amendment

    Great job assembling those quotes...and thanks! NES is probably the only place where we will ever hear them!
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