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  1. removing a blank message box

    doing/did that and nothing happened
  2. Scrap lead.prices

    when we were younger and more motivated, my buddy and I would go to his club and spend time cleaning the pistol range and rifle also and end up with seven or eight 5 gallon buckets of spent bullets and another half of a 55gallon barrel of all types of brass, and then went a couple of weeks...
  3. removing a blank message box

    do not know how to do a screen shot........not to computer literate here.
  4. removing a blank message box

    its at the end of my post................I get another message box to post in but its empty. ....just my picture look under this post.
  5. removing a blank message box

    I was entering into the gun give away and ended up with my entry box and another box to type in and I can not delete the empty/unused box. can someone help me? it shows up where ever I try to post something. thanks in advanced. just like here. bob
  6. Dog Shoots Hunter With Shotgun

    just proves that you should not mistreat your dog. LOL
  7. Surgery prep - what to do with the armory? JIC

    I will give you some friendly advice.......DO NOT TRUST A MASKED WITH A KNIFE.... that said good luck and do not worry too much it is a simple procedure. bob [smile]

    I want to thank whoever the person is that paid for a green membership for me. I will pay this forward at some point in the hopefully near future. It is amazing how people will step up and show kindness to a complete stranger. I feel blessed to belong to this group of wonderful people. If i were...
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