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  1. Northampton man who shot ‘AK-47-style’ gun at neighbors said dog told him to do it, police say

    Pets trying to shoot the owner Happens more than you think
  2. Ammo in house fire - again

    Bingo Give this man a cigar INSURANCE You have ammo so too much of a insurance risk DENIED …… Back door gun control
  3. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    Modern Warfare from 2 miles Who cares about drones
  4. done

    Sounds like you need a bigger safe
  5. done

    Just find another 365X As much as I would like a safe door filled with handguns I could never justify the expense My only impulse buy was a 92fs, also my first gun that I carried for the first year, Put a 22 conversion on it for now
  6. Self-defense pocketknives that are Mass compliant?

    Just get a Balisong
  7. done

    Maybe a dumb question since my carry and range gun is the same But why not a clone of your carry ?
  8. Salesman of the year

    Maybe the demoncrates should get the salesman of the year award
  9. Pigs for dinner

    Fill up the freezer
  10. Talk me out of FN 509 Tactical.

    That spot in the safe has to filled with something It needs a home Disclaimer.....Picture's are for informational purposes only....
  11. Safe in garage

    Modular system for house NOW EMPTY safe in garage= more Ammo
  12. Wasatch 24 Gun Safe setup

  13. How can Jews witness the death of millions and love gun control?

    Anyone remember this........... And this was only 50 years ago
  14. If you had to choose only one….

    What I think of selling any one gun View:
  15. Wasatch 24 Gun Safe setup

    You do realize those 24 gun safes only hold 4 if you use those shelves for ammo
  16. Brilliant dad. NOT!!

  17. Hezbollah has declared war on The United States and warns there are sleeper cells prepared to attack America and European nations imminently. And who was the group that ran out of gas in mass an ran in the woods I hope your right.............
  18. Brilliant dad. NOT!!

    The one thing the left is good at exploiting Fear and Emotion
  19. How many years until repeal of 2A possible?

    Should we make an appointment with maura and day ?
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