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  1. Don't worry guys its onsale

    I'd consider it if the coins worked like in the movies.
  2. Kingston man allegedly used 3D printer to make guns

    Who doesn't like weakening your equipment for some meaningless weight loss? That said, I think this is for the look more than weight considerations. I blame Call of Duty gun customization for making people think skeletonizing is cool.
  3. Shooting at Ocean State Job Lot

    I thought the Brockton fair was closed permanently.
  4. Jerry Miculek sets TWO New World Records on Oct 6th

    I'd be hard pressed to get 6 shots off in that amount of time just aiming at dirt.
  5. Kingston man allegedly used 3D printer to make guns

    He deserves to be arrested for making those hideous grips. That's a crime against good tastes.
  6. Pennsylvania Man Bangs With High-Power METE 🚔🚨

    There's like an unspoken rule that one MUST have mismatching rounds in the mag when getting caught carrying illegally in MA.
  7. AR build in MA. Now AR-9!

    Are you putting the Modlite at 12 o'clock under the Holosun? Maybe a 45* pic to pic rail adapter?
  8. New Zenith ZF-56 Roller Delayed AR Hybrid

    That's an interesting piece of gear there. But I can't seem to wrap my head around it. Would make sense to lockback without a mag, but if you run dry on a mag, you press the mag release to drop the empty mag, and the bolt drops before you get a new mag in? Or am I messing up the sequence?
  9. New Zenith ZF-56 Roller Delayed AR Hybrid

    My side charging AR has an ambi lower. I can't imagine what that would be like without it, as the charging handle is straight pull with no notch. Internally, there's not a whole lot going on for this feature set. Just an extension to the bolt catch that reaches the other side of the receiver. It...
  10. New Zenith ZF-56 Roller Delayed AR Hybrid

    Figured it worked like that, but still is a head scratcher. If it has BHO via bolt catch, then there was no point in having the manual lock back notch. Could be just a straight pull non-reciprocating charging handle. Hell, they didn't even orient the notch for a proper HK slap.
  11. New Zenith ZF-56 Roller Delayed AR Hybrid

    I think I'd still want an HK33/clone for the retro aspect as opposed to a brand new design featuring the worst parts of HK's interface. That said, this gun kind of confuses me. Has ambi bolt hold/release buttons and stanag mags, suggesting LRBHO. But also has classic HK charging handle notch.
  12. 2023 Gun Ban: $5,000 Credit Limit (Possible Home Equity Loan, Too) - What Should I Be Buying For Fun Or Profit???

    I'm personally about to start a stupidly expensive 10/22 build. Not $5k expensive, but way more than I should be spending on what will be a plinker. Not even a precision 10/22. Probably SBR. Because I'm dumb and bored.
  13. Criminal background check before buying 3d Printer

    Am I going to jail? Proposal is unclear.
  14. Buying Magazines Online

    If you couldn't tell that was a joke, I'm either slipping or you're no fun at parties.
  15. Buying Magazines Online

    If it is just the tube with no follower and no baseplate, wouldn't that be ∞ rounds? You put one in and it comes out the other side.
  16. Machine Gun Shoot and aftermath

    Technically, he did have eyepro. Just that it was on his hat, not his eyes.
  17. Taran Tactical clowns

    Doesn't believe in owning AR. Proceeds to make movies using AR's. Kind of a mixed message. Oh...and AKM's too.
  18. Legal questions from an MP5 manufacturer

    It's not a question of if we would do that. It's a statement that you're going to get a mixed bag of sh*t when asking random internet strangers advice that includes legality and compliance. Some of it might be good. Most of it will be bad. Some of it is just for laughs at your expense. And who's...
  19. Legal questions from an MP5 manufacturer

    Do you really want to go to a forum to ask these questions as a manufacturer? What if we give you terrible advice?
  20. Zeroing differences

    Then is that not part of the issue?
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