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  1. Shooting from hammer-forged, chrome-lined DRY barrel

    As a Horizontal Hunter, aren't things always "over your head"?
  2. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    Trix are for kids. Article said they dropped down after the 2nd shot. At 2+ miles, they wouldn't hear the shot at first. 2nd, even trained humans can be surprised by the unexpected. I was shot at once. Even though firing was going on at the time, the whiz of the bullet going past was a...
  3. POLL - EDC Light Method

    Then again, too, it's been a minute. Maybe they were discussing indoor use, where you could have reflections back at you from the inside walls.
  4. The leftists say she’s a liar about gun control under Hitler.

    Mathilde "Kitty" Werthmann January 2, 1926 - July 14, 2022 So, that makes her 12 years old at the time of the Anschluss.
  5. POLL - EDC Light Method

    Interesting. My trainers said to skip the strobe. They said it often blinded the user as much as the target. A co-worker who was a knife/flashlight whore (as he called himself) got me interested in a similar one ^^^^ . The Pro-Tac 1L-1AA. I thought I lost it at one time and went to look for a...
  6. The leftists say she’s a liar about gun control under Hitler.

    I tried showing this video to family years ago. Got the usual reaction "Meh". Americans are just too insulated/protected (and far from our Revolution) to understand. Memories are short.
  7. Forum Ideas

    You got bodies to hide already?
  8. What is one of your favorite absolute horrible trashy junk foods? Must be seriously unhealthy to qualify

    I notice on Google maps that it's right down the street from Mackey Funeral Home. Coincidence?
  9. what is the best pepper spray to carry?

    "Although similar to pepper spray, bear spray is known to have a much lower concentration of oleoresin capsicum." I just looked at my can of Frontier bear spray. Capsaicin content: 2.0% (1.1% Capsaicin and .9% related capsaicinoids derived from Oleo Resin of Capsicum). Sabre Red (Home Defense...
  10. what is the best pepper spray to carry?

    Oh, yeah, but with Fox it's going to be a lot of suck! [smile]
  11. It’s just that there aren’t ENOUGH laws…..

    The following statement that was part of your post "sounds" like compromise: "Like I said, I don't see these going away, and if we can lock the process down to something not too bad, then we can focus on the underlying reasons and other issues. " I may be misunderstanding it, but it sounds as...
  12. It’s just that there aren’t ENOUGH laws…..

    You're already suggesting compromise. Absolutely not. Not in NH. And I asked Atty. Sean List this question at his training class. The "license" requirement applies to a dealers license, not an individual P&R license. NH already has a "shall issue law" for permits. And we got rid of the...
  13. what is the best pepper spray to carry?

    Be prepared to vacate the premises by another exit. Touch that stuff off indoors, and you'll find out really quickly what I mean. Those things fill every crack and crevice. Ask me how I know. We started using this at the prison I worked at, to allow for leakage of the propellant over time...
  14. What pepper spray is safe to store in a car? Can withstand extreme heat/cold...

    Just picked up a replacement for my 2nd Kimber PepperBlaster. I noticed this one has an expiration date listed. I also looked at the included brochure. Recommended temperatures listed. It does mention "pyrotechnic" fired, and IIRC I read that this was shotgun primers.
  15. Nightmare Dealers

    I never said while drawing. When drawing, you finger is off the trigger (same with re-holstering); but I have had things START to catch in the trigger guard while re-holstering. I stay aware and stop in time. I'm used to 1911's, so I always do a "thumb safety sweep" no matter what I'm shooting...
  16. NH FFL Went Out Of Business, Ducking Me To Return My Consignment Pistol. Recourse?

    So, I'll see you there, then? It'll be good to finally meet someone else from this board. [rofl]
  17. Shooting in nh?

    After you retire from a State Retirement job, you have to wait one year. Then you can come back and work (at least part-time). Some do it for the benefits.
  18. Nightmare Dealers

    You just never know when something will get caught in the trigger guard. See, no issue with a safety! Safeties are for people who are smart enough to know how to use them (and train with them). Or old guys who are used to them. One or the other. And it's not ghey unless it's in .40
  19. 10mm recommendations

    When I compared a S&W M&P full-sized .45 (and even the Shield .45), recoil was mild for a .45. And the Gen4 Glock in .45 and 10mm has less recoil than the Gen3 .45 (haven't shot a 10mm G3); however, Glocks for me have always "gone bang" and mags are cheap and easy to find for any model...
  20. Someone should do a Ph.D. thesis on Gunbroker bidding behavior.

    My point is that he is slowly going out of business as it is. If he didn't have a range, he'd probably already be gone. His new inventory is low. His used inventory is even lower. If you consign something and it sells, there is a 10 day return period for the customer, followed by up to 45 days...
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