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  1. NY gun laws vs MA/CT + moving to upstate

    She better be at least a solid 9 to justify that move
  2. Any Good Meat Processors in MA?

    You can always go hog hunting in MA.... [laugh]
  3. transfer question, shotgun question

  4. Panic buying at Shooting Supply in Westport, Ma. today.

    Meh, could of been worse...
  5. RI Police Chase Nets Guns, Ammo & Over 100 Mags

    Daisy 880 BB/Pellet gun, if I'm not mistaken. I had one YEARS ago
  6. need to contact a moderator

    Hi, I’m Chris from NES…
  7. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    I train w/ one of the Santarpio kids, nephew I think. He talks about the place, I should try it...
  8. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    <barf> Eli's was awful, it's now called Bonilla's, I get lunch from there regularly but not pizza.
  9. Inheritance question from out of state

    To the best of my knowledge, yup
  10. Inheritance question from out of state

    Exactly. In the event anyone ever decides to look, it’s good to have a paper trail.
  11. Inheritance question from out of state

    I’m sure the OP can find a codicil to the Will leaving the guns to him, signed before his father passed. Doesn’t need to be notarized, although I’m sure it was witnessed by someone in the family. EFA-10 & leave seller blank I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice
  12. Boar Sticking Knives and MA Law

    I wasn’t but you also posted the story. ex Madame dropped the X term in a conversation not long ago, I told her not to embarrass herself ever again using that term.
  13. Boar Sticking Knives and MA Law

    Probably not good to be LatinX w a giant double edged blade either… [smile]
  14. Boar Sticking Knives and MA Law

    OP’s going to jail
  15. Only enough $ for one gun.

    There have been several excellent arguments as to why a shotgun isn’t the best option, humble opinions aside. Interestingly, I took a group of relative newbs to the range earlier today. One guy brought his Mossberg 500. It was his first gun, the best HD gun in his opinion at the time (he’s...
  16. Only enough $ for one gun.

    You forgot to mention that you can hit multiple assailants with a single shot without aiming & it won’t penetrate walls.
  17. Only enough $ for one gun.

    When your rationale for selecting a home defense weapon is based on the debunked overpenetration argument, that goes beyond simply agreeing to disagree. We can disagree on the best choice but should still be factually correct when presenting an argument as to why.
  18. Only enough $ for one gun.

    ARs are fine for apartment dwellers too if you use the right ammo. OP seems to think that 9mm or shotgun rounds don't penetrate walls either when they can penetrate more than .223/5.56 depending on the circumstances.
  19. Only enough $ for one gun.

    I'm also in the handgun camp vs the pump shotgun, it's far more versatile. As @PappyM3 mentioned, there is the benefit to being able to operate with a single hand and get multiple shots off vs pump where you need both hands. A handgun is also infinitely more maneuverable in a home defense...
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