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  1. Dedham tree trimmer faces armed neighbor on job

    Total fail on the home owner who's home got damaged. Tree guy should have just let the PD sort this out. Easy for me to say though, I wasn't the guy with the gun to my head. I would have ignored the scratch and asked for a couple of grand in free tree work!
  2. Nightmare Dealers

    Finding a good FFL is like finding a barber, doctor, etc...Not a one size fits all. Same thing goes for an FFL....finding a good customer can be a tricky business.
  3. Rise in antisemitism points at absolute need for self defense

    This is why 30 rounders were invented. People don't seem to forget that we are just one fart away from lawlessness at any given moment if the time is right: ‘Hamas-sympathising...
  4. NH - Craig unveils gun safety platform

    I work in Manchester and commute 30 minutes West every day. Manchester is pretty much a hybrid of Haverhill and Lowell for the most part, but with more homelessness. It doesn't represent much of the surrounding towns at all. Keene is another anomaly. Cambridge, MA in NH, but much, much...
  5. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Sighted in the JRA BM-59
  6. Everyone Who Can, Go Buy A Gun This Weekend PERIOD

    Yeah, then there will be this nonsense again. Stocked up from the last 2 panics: View:

    I'm sure not all of this will pass. But there will be lawsuits for years if 1/2 of it passes. Given the Cali decision, there is a glimmer of hope for MA. But you have to ask yourself the question: Do you still want to deal with it all....if not ignore the BS, stay, and use common sense or move...
  8. Federal Judge Strikes Down California ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

    Newsome's head is exploding:
  9. What in the holy hell possessed someone to make this

    It was a ban era product. Intratec wasn't making as many nuetered versions of the Tec-9 and it was an attempt to get into the new "compact" semi craze. These did get a little homely:
  10. Fast tracking a move to NH - need opinions / now living in NH!!

    I had a neighbor call my town's FD about a permit. They scratched their heads and said no one ever calls for one, why are you?
  11. Maxim Automatic Machine Gun 1897

    Yep, scoped and suppressed in Ukraine.
  12. WTS Pre-Ban Norinco and East German 30 round magazines

    Cleaning out the magazine storage area and these are going up for sale: 3 Norinco Pre-Ban AK magazines. Excellent condition. $35 each SOLD 1 East German AK magazine with mfg sticker still attached: $40 East German 4 Pack magazine pouch with original East German AK magazines. $200 These are in...
  13. .22 Short NAA... Come at me, NES

    I've fired many .22 CCI shorts through a Charter Arms revolver. Loud and not far from LR performance. See review: View:
  14. Escape from the Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts

    Welcome brother! Made the escape last year. Already got lots of "pistol" versions of guns and a suppressor finally cleared NFA jail after 9 months. Folks at Shooters Outpost were great to work with. But you may find smaller dealers where you move ready and willing to help!. You won't regret...
  15. WTS Furniture and accessories

    All sold with the exception of the Dining room table and chairs. Willing to donate to a good home for free. Just want it gone. If you have a young person in need of furniture or want to flip it at your store, send me a message. Local pick up only. Going to Post on NES Karma as well.
  16. ATF auditor ignorance on pistol brace

    They make it up as they go along.
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