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  1. I haven't logged in since Vegas, anything new retroactively illegal yet?

    Damn I should have stayed!!! Maybe I can buy my old house back...
  2. I haven't logged in since Vegas, anything new retroactively illegal yet?

    I snuck over the border to NH under the cover of darkness after Maura's 2016 constitution shredding party. Any word on if she will invoke the right she reserved last year to go after 1998-2016 "assault weapons"? Even in NH, I wonder if they will try to track down anything on file with the FRB.
  3. Female Kurdish Sniper Laughs

    The girls all know the score. No escape. No surrender. No mercy. We got to kill every last rat bastard one of them, every last one. Not for revenge. Not because they deserve it. not because it'll make the world a better place. We need a heap of bloody bodies so when the mob boss, *Baghdadi*...
  4. 9mm vs a bear update

    I wouldn't feel that bad going out into bear country with a 9mm, but for f**k's sake I would have something with a higher capacity than 7+1.
  5. Do I want my first revolver?

    Everyone should own at least one wheelgun. I'm a GP-100 fan, .357 is a great cartridge. Short barrel, long barrel, ridiculously long barrel, you can't go wrong!!!
  6. 42 or 43 ?

    A friend of mine got the 42, it's a nice little shooter. Out of that short a barrel I really wonder how much more punch you get out of the 9mm, plus the recoil of the .380 is already surprisingly stiff out of such a tiny gun... with 9mm the muzzle flash at night and the harder recoil would...
  7. Transporting long guns in NH

    Is there any securing requirement for the transportation of long guns in NH? I remember seeing somewhere that if they are not in plain view they have to be in a locked trunk not accessible to the occupants... but I have a SUV with no trunk. Am I OK having a long gun in a fabric case with no...
  8. Long with you at all times?

    A wise man once told me never go anywhere you're expecting a fight without a long gun. He also told me never go anywhere you're expecting a fight.
  9. Gun review.......FAIL

    So... how was the trigger pull?
  10. Grabbing Pistol Slide to Cause an out-of-battery Failure

    I did the same thing with a friend of mine, only with an airsoft gun. 9/10 times I was able to step out of the way and get my hands on the gun without being hit. Your mileage may vary when it's a real gun with real bullets, but it's pretty settled science that action is faster than reaction...
  11. Dumb guy at the range

    People stepping a couple feet onto and active range to recover a bullet that rolled off the table. Also saw the same thing with a paper target that blew ten feet out while 5 people were firing.
  12. Grabbing Pistol Slide to Cause an out-of-battery Failure

    Similar idea, if it's a revolver grab the gun with both hands keeping one over the hammer to prevent it from rising. Although that's a much more temporary situation since it's only preventing it from firing till you let go.
  13. Finger pad or finger joint on the trigger?

    A friend of mine in the military always told me to use the pad, so for a long time I tried to retrain myself to shoot that way... Then that same friend had a chance overseas to shoot at a range with some Delta guys and he paid close attention to their fundamentals, and he told me it was mixed...
  14. My first squib (?)

    My father had a 2 second hangfire with Blazer .357 magnum aluminum case. Scary stuff, he was just about to open the chamber thinking he was out of ammo.
  15. 8-year-old completes Maine’s hunting ‘grand slam’

    Holy crap kid, save some game for the rest of us!!! Nice work!!!
  16. Quick muzzleloader question: Is this a discrepancy?

    I always thought that part about hinge action muzzleloaders were for ones that could hinge open and have the powder/bullet loaded from the breech. I'm not sure if those even exist, but MA gun laws weren't made by people who know about guns so who knows. I can't see why there would be a...
  17. Travel Trailer Out the Door Prices

    I don't know about what people are actually paying, but I just bought one at Camper's Inn in Merrimack, NH and they were pretty legit.
  18. Found ammo in pond, now needs new safe space

    Oh noes boolitz!!!
  19. Steel Target Set Up

    My gong came with "S" hooks, but at 100 yards a 7.62x54R would knock the plate off them every time... 5.56 was OK. I changed them out to hardened carriage bolts, with the threads sticking out the back attaching to the chain. There was an added bonus with this setup that the plate had a bit of a...
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