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  1. Question on Sig 365

    That was the P320. P365 should be g2g. One the 320, you can look up the serial number to see if it requires a factory upgrade.
  2. Legal questions from an MP5 manufacturer

    Dont take this as gospel because I am just a humble serf in Maura’s Republik. But I’ve been interested in a Zenith mp5 clone for a long time so I’ll throw my 2 cents (not legal advice) For MA: 16” 10 rd Fixed stock only. No pistols Muzzle device ok IF pinned and welded. BUT No flash hider. No...
  3. WTS *KARMA* Vintage Woolrich Jacket

    Worn. Still it good shape. These are well made jackets. Little too snug on me. Sorry I don’t know the size. But I’m 5’11 190lbs. And it’s just a tad bit too small. Do with that info what you will. FREE. Rehoboth MA. DM if you want it
  4. WTS Surplus Boots (Good condition) $30

    Size 260MM. So around a US 8. These were gifted to me. Wore them once, too small for me. They’re in great condition they don’t feel like they’ve been worn much at all. Soles are in great shape. I have two pairs. Take both for $50. Or $30 each.
  5. 2022 Deer Season

    Went to Chartley. They do require the animal be skinned, head off etc before you bring it in. So I got a crash course from Youtube on skinning as well. The butcher was super helpful when I got there. Waiting on the meat still but so far positive experience with Chartley.
  6. 2022 Deer Season

    First ever deer this morning. Can anyone recommend someone in the Rehoboth area that would butcher it for me?
  7. Gym carry?

    I have the Enigma, love it. It’s a bitch to initially set up, and you gotta wear it a few times to figure out exactly how you want it configured, but after that it’s a dream. Carrying in gym shorts has never been easier. View:
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