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  1. WTS .223, .308 reloading components

    Location : Medford, MA Description : .308 and .223 Reloading Components Sierra Match King 22 Cal .224 Diameter 77G HPBT Cannelure, 750 pieces $215 Sierra Match King 30 Cal .308 diameter 175G HPBT, 825 count. $330 Selling Terms : Cash, FTF with LTC Contact Information: PM Statement of...
  2. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Form Type: Regular Form 1 ($200) Entity: Trust Fingerprint Type: EFT Upload Pending: 08/11/23 Approved: 09/5/2023 Wait: 25 Days State: MA Item: SBR
  3. Gun Safe for Closet

    I'm looking for some recommendations, I don't need anything massive but a safe that can fit 5 rifles should do the trick. I am looking for one that would fit into a standard apartment closet, possibly allow for me to mount some nylon holsters on the inside of the door for pistols. Anyone have...
  4. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    I dropped mine off to Medford last year, they didn’t need to redo fingerprints and they used the latest photo on my drivers license.
  5. NFA Items - Picture thread

    All finished, finally. I think I’ll put my T2 on it at some point.
  6. Flying with declared firearm

    I’ve always had the ammo in the factory box, inside my pelican with my pistol and magazines. Only flown out of Logan a few times like that but it’s never been an issue.
  7. Favorite Military "sayings"

    DADT is still in effect, so I’m not saying you’re gay, I’m saying you’re showing signs and symptoms.
  8. Favorite Military "sayings"

    Shut your cock holster
  9. Lab Radar, MagnetoSpeed or Other

    I have a lab radar, I have a battery pack for it and I control it from my phone. I can’t really think of an easier setup. I did do the straw trick on the aiming reticle to help initial setup.
  10. Green Beret 2 Gun Memorial Shoot 4/13

    Date: May 13, 2023 Time: 0800 Location: Wallum Lake Rod & Gun Club 200 Brook Rd, Burrillville, R.I 02830 Any takers?
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