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  1. Anti fuel of the worst kind Tl;dr version: Some dickass makes a video of what appears to be a year old playing with a (hopefully unloaded) gun. Including putting it in his mouth.
  2. Anti-gun Group Sues: Claims Call of Duty is a Realistic Training Tool

    Everyone knows that Bulletstorm and Borderlands are way more effective training tools.
  3. How to make a Remington 870 really ugly

    UTG. Nuff said.
  4. St. Louis driver pulls firearm defensively. Arrested

    Ending racism is racist. Somehow.
  5. St. Louis driver pulls firearm defensively. Arrested

    Ghetto goblins? Is that more or less racist than hood rats? I want to know, so I can offend as many people as possible!
  6. Trying to buy my first pistol

    You must live in China, since you don't have access to Google.
  7. Hospital WIFI Blocks Weapon Website

    lol @ this tread. Droid + unlimited data + tether = all the guns and porn I can handle, no matter where I am.
  8. How do you carry? Update, issue with Alien Gear IWB Holster

    OC with my AR in a low ready.
  9. Winter Concealment Setup

    Same as my summer setup, OC my P229 in a Sigtac hoster.
  10. Is this worth joining?

    Save your money and buy more ammo. If you kill everyone, there won't be anyone left to prosecute you.
  11. NY Police Departments want to force Smart Gun technology...

    I don't want a gun that could be come self-aware and just go off. I'd rather a dumb gun that only 'goes off' when I use its point and click interface.
  12. Tell me what determines your choice for CCW

    No, I'm such good of a shot, I can probably drop three or four guys with a single round. I've pretty much perfected my Wanted bullet curve technique.
  13. Tell me what determines your choice for CCW

    I only need one bullet.
  14. Tell me what determines your choice for CCW

    For me, it's all about the name brand. It has to be a gun I can whip out when I've been drinking with my buddies and impress them with an expensive name brand. Props if it's in a cool caliber, too, like 10mm, 357 Sig, or 45-70 Govt.
  15. Tactical Winter Coat

    What tactics are you planning for your winter ops? Why does everything need to be tactical?
  16. Do completed 80% guns have a model in the eyes of the law.

    Everything is illegal in MA, and doubly illegal in Boston.
  17. AR-15 Barrel Life?

    They only last about 50 rounds, that's why they are so cheap.
  18. Does the EDC pistol color matter?

    Every gun should be FDE, because we live in the desert region, here in New England. Foliage and OD are so over-rated.
  19. Tactical shooting at it's....

    Something tells me this whole family does everything tactically. Tactical turkey basting. Tactical car refueling. Tactical donut eating.
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