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  1. Rise in antisemitism points at absolute need for self defense

    Shit like this is the result of the quasi meme culture of flat earth, fake moon landing bullshit thought experiments. Plenty of people have no problem dabbling in that shit because they have nothing better to do with thier time. The next steps are questioning additional historical events that...
  2. Panic buying at Shooting Supply in Westport, Ma. today.

    whats the difference
  3. Ukraine Sniper Sets New World Record For Longest Kill Shot

    If seen several accounts of that shot and I've yet to find one that's reasonable.
  4. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    The Constitution was made to outline things for morons that may not be obvious. That's the entire point of the document. It's essentially a guide for morons and a**h***s to follow. That's why they only put certain things in it - shit that was worth mentioning. Drugs existed back in ye old days...
  5. Forum Ideas

    I think it's a little silly that you have to be a paid member to Karma items. If the members only forum was as busy as it used to be I'd be green all the time. But nothing seems to be going on when I was recently still green and I'm currently not selling anything. I'm sure I'll green up again...
  6. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    State rights is another can of worms. We still have the current problem of state saying it's OK with thr feds saying now. Which is a serious issue for a ton of reasons. What authority does the federal government have to do that besides "reasons?"
  7. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    They thought booze was enough of a right to require an Ammendment to ban it...says a lot.
  8. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    If they are claiming it took 3 shots I don't believe that.
  9. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    May be a slight range issue there [rofl]
  10. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    I'm not so sure. The US has put a lot of effort into dealing with AA systems since the 90s. The F35 is a thing for a reason also as is the new stealth bomber. Plus all our other stand off systems.
  11. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    The big difference in Ukraine vs Russia is it's almost completely lacking the air and naval portion of war. It certainly highlights a lot of dangers that everyone would face however.
  12. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    It will be super interesting to see how it pans out. There are currently 2 outstanding problems right now -Anti tank technology has signigiantly outpaced armor protection systems. This is sorta similiar to what we saw in the 1960's where armor designers said f*** it and we ended up with small...
  13. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    Anyone can buy off the shelf drones and equip them to drop bombs or fly into positions. The needed technology to completely out flank and destroy infantry is off the shelf at this time. It's consumer grade. And when thar drone is used or lost the cost to replace it is trivial.
  14. done

    Wheres the G17L?
  15. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    Shoot tracers at someone in modern combat. Every bored drone operator in the area will be on your ass immediately. And you'll be dead shortly after. And then you can't post on NES anymore. You're under the assumption that the people who are going to be pinned down by your fire are the ones you...
  16. Senior Army. It’s an idea.

    Tracers work both ways. In todays war concealment has never been more important. Which is why things like cans are becoming standard issue.
  17. What's your brass etiquette when shooting at the range?

    The range I use now doesn't seem to care if it gets picked up or not.
  18. done

    I have a G34, a G17L and a G45. If I had to choose just one for the range it would be the 45. I love the full size frame and find I'm not always (ok, ever) utilizing the longer slide. Especially with red dots.
  19. done

    I have a Glock 45. It's pretty good, I enjoy shooting it.
  20. Only enough $ for one gun.

    The 1911 is outdated though.
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